Saturday, 11 October 2014

Space Hulk or England Vs San Marino?

It's Thursday and I have two choices; Playing Space Hulk with Al or watching England Vs San Marino!

15 min later I am in the car and on the way to the shop......... No contest really!

"Insert Heroic, Xenophobic saying here"

Once again Al breaks open the sacred, mint, shiny, shiny box and we stare in wonder at the precious things inside.

Then I go and spoil it all by saying "You know they have just re-released this set. Don't you?"

No Al did not, he looked decidedly chest fallen. I guess the moral of the story is never trust a Limited edition release when it makes shed loads of money the first time round!

"Everybody CONGA!"

I decide to play the role of the Fascist boot boys of Humanity while Al goes for the "Look into my eyes, Only into my EYES!" Genestealers.

This way Al gets a bit more time to think his way through the turn and always gets more figures if it all goes pear shaped.

I form an orderly line (how very British) and charge down the corridors using all my command points to get as far down the hall as possible .

Al comes gunning towards my Marines at full tilt.

Al then gets a lesson on how powerful flamers are when 3 of his Stealers go up in smoke and my Marines move up into new firing positions.

"I love the smell of Napalm in the morning, it smells of victory!"

I gun down Genies left, right and centre, or should that be front, front and front, and continue to surge into the gaps this forms. In this mission movement is life and if my attack gets stalled out I am never going to win.

"So I stay here and hold back ALL these Genies?.................Right?"

I lose two Marines but am getting closer and closer to my objective. 

I then make a decision which will prove to be a deciding factor in the game. Having secured the junction with a flamer hit I decide to turn my Sergeant round to cover my rear..........

Well at least it looks heroic
 It turns out this costs me the game as I end up being 2 action points short this turn which would have allowed me to get the flamer off to clear the passage for me to run in next turn and burn up the objective!

As it was my Flamer beat off his stealer but was blind sided and destroyed when my Sergeant fell holding back the tide at the junction!

Well played Al.


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