Friday, 17 October 2014

"A (Space Hulk) bridge too far?"

Al and I are on a roll and have once again managed to meet up for a third consecutive Thursday.

Once again Al breaks open the Shiny, shiny box ...................... and I get my first suprise of the evening!

Roaring heroically, or screaming like a big girl....... you decide!

After spending an entire blog post last month slating the modern White Dwarf, GW show me and they finally produce something to get your teeth into in the latest issue of White Dwarf!

An entirely new mission for the new release of Space Hulk!

Al has also been busy on Ebay and picked up all the new bits of  the new release not included in the 2009 edition.

So many board tiles!
This new White Dwarf mission is brilliant! It is a prelude to the original 6 missions and involves a squad trying to deactivate the shields to assist the main boarding action.

The down side is it took us a bloody age to set up ALL the tiles and I easily imagined the setting up taking twice as long as the game itself!

Tme would tell!

I once again play the Marines and manage to roll a six, which means I get to decide where I board with my torpedo of the 5 landing sites.


I charge the Marines out of the torpedo and use all my points available to get the boys as far as possible before contact with the stealers.


Al decides to charge the genies in piecemeal rather then create a swarm and I manage to pick the figures off easily through a combination of shooting and overwatch.


I am making solid progress against the sporadic attacks and at some point I lose my tail end Charlie, but I 've covered two, thirds of the board.

At this point I get a real run of luck and pull out 6 command points, three times on the trot. 

In the old days this would have caused a major row between my brother and I and various aqusations of cheating!

"Ha Ha, eat my one!"

Then my luck begins to turn, Al rolls three, twos on his attack roll and I only manage to roll a one as a riposte. Thankfully the +1 for the power sword even things up.........PHEW!

A healthy bout of sustained fire and flamer hits clears the corridors, and leaves me free to make a break for the lift. Unfortunately I lose my flamer Marine but hes out of fuel and was intended as a speed bump anyway.

And we are in the lift and heading for level 2........... so close................ so close.

Imagine elevator music playing and everyone shuffles about uncomfortably trying to avoid eye contact

I have a real "Lt Gorman" moment and a poor dispersal and only picking up two command points gives Al the break he needs and he finally builds up a large enough force to see through the charge.

At this point I realise a FLAMER Marine would have been useful about now!!!!

Unfortunatly he will be scattered around the lower levels by now!

Boy if only we had a FLAMER Marine!

I try to keep up the forward momentum and fire as I charge into combat but the 6's refuse to roll.

"Please allow passengers to alight before boarding the train"

The Sarge falls and against all my instincts I fall back into defensive fire positions with my last two marines and hope overlocking fields of over watch will see me through but up against nine stealers its a long shot (pun intended!).

"I told them to fall back, I told them............"

It no surprise the Stealers swarm in and rip the last two Marines to pieces, I guess the shileds will be staying up.

"Their coming out of the god damned walls!"
Despite my worst fears the mission turned out to be a cracker! and I'm glad the old White Dwarf can still produce the goods on occasion.

Really looking forward to working through the full mission set and I also have some old White Dwarf Missions (circa 1990's), that could do with an airing, and then there was the whole "Space Hulk full of Ork Zombies conversation afterwards!

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