Monday, 26 March 2018

Learning fast! 1800 point WHF throw down.

This Sunday saw Lee and I throw down with 1800 points of Warhammer Fantasy.

After the last two 'dubbings' by the Empire I was thirsting for some payback!
Thankfully I have the advantage of having more units then Lee so I can place my chaff units to give me some idea where his big hitters will place.

This sees Lee once again set up a 'HEAVY' right flank.

First things first  . . . . vanguard!

This causes Lee to charge forward with his Knights.

I decide to hold with the warhounds as I want the 'Panthers' nice and close for my magic phase.

Lee manages to lose three 'Panthers' to dangerous terrain tests, charging into the forests!

My hounds are massacred but then I get to give Lee a lovely surprise via 'Searing doom' from the lore of metal, magic deck!

Suddenly the knights are reduced to 3 knights including the BSB.

One of the things I really wanted to practice during the battle was 'channeling' the steam tank.

I move both units of hounds forward and the Steamtank will be forced to only move directly forward next turn where I hope to have a nice surprise waiting for him.

I have a tough choice to make as I do not want to give Lee free range of the battlefield like I have in the past.

With this is mind I attempt a 'long bomb' charge of 11 inches, close my eyes and roll the die . . . . Yep rolled the 11 needed!!!!

The hope was to cannonball through the Greatswords and straight into the gunners behind. . . . .

 . . . . But the 'stubborn' Greatswords refuse to budge and my Chaos Knights are now counter-charged by the Reiksguard.

In retrospect maybe I should have charged the Knights instead of the Greatswords?

Here is how the battle looked at the half way stage.

Lee also backs his 'Panthers' up and replaces all the trees to the template hoping I will forget their there ;0)

With the Steamtank successfully channeled last turn I now unleash my 'surprise' . . . . some lovely chaos Ogres with Great weapons!

With the Reiksguard decimated in the previous magic phase thanks to a boosted 'searing doom' I decide now is the time to commit my Chaos warriors!

Unfortunately the worst my Ogres could do was smear snot over the steamtank as LEE made EVERY SINGLE saving throw despite the tank being hit with 'plague of rust' AND great weapons!!


The stubborn Greatswords and Reikguard refuse to flee and as I feared my Warriors are bogged down!!

'Does anyone else hear a train?'

Thankfully my Spawn bursts through the forest into the gunners who flee after a brief round of combat. . . . . . straight into the waiting barrels of the organ gun!!


With my Warriors bogged down Lee brings the rest of his forces to bear.

I have a squeaky bum moment when Lee reaches for his die to charge in his Steamtank . . . . Thankfully he rolls an inch short!!!

In another terrible roll of the die Lee also fails to blast my spawn to kingdom come with his organ gun!

Needing to break the dead lock I finally get to unleash my Gorebeast chariot. Truth is I was too timid with this for far too long and should of committed it much earlier.

Everybody conga!!!

The Greatswords are finally wiped out but Lee now commits his Steamtank which decimates my Warriors. My BSB is also trampled into the ground by the Imperial General!

My Gorebeast is also charged in the rear and flees the melee.

The only good news is my Spawn rampaging around Lee's rear (oo-er misses), ripping organ guns and gunners to pieces!

Bless 'im, he's having so much fun! ;0)

Being the sixth turn and my Wizard forced to issue a challenge in the next round of combat I decide to go all in when I roll eleven magic die.

With Lano in my ear goading me on, the hope is to roll a miscast and cause absolute carnage with the fallout!

I throw six die and my first spell and roll four, sixes. I REALLY was meant to miscast on this one!

THEN I roll the 'everyone is screwed' result on the miscast table!

My warriors are decimated as well as the final Reiksguard and even the bloody steamtank finally takes a wound!

Somehow my Wizard survives the result and I only lose one dice from the magic pool.

With my level of mania on overload I pick up all four remaining dice and go for another miscast . . . . . .

I only roll the one six this time and Lee breaths a sigh of relief!

My wizard survives his round of combat and the game is declared a draw when all the points are totaled up.

Unlike my last two games against Lee, very little of the Imperial forces were left on the field by the conclusion of the game and I certainly feel like I played much better against the Imperial threats this game.

Still made mistakes but I'm learning!!


  1. That was a close run thing, what a great game.

    1. Thanks. The cool thing is the games will become even closer and closer as we get used to our armies. This should be a cracking campaign!

  2. Sounds like a moral victory to me, you played it just right and I loved the "Bless Him" comment about your spawn, excellent :-)

    1. Everyone is falling in love with 'Chunk'.

  3. You were playing as Chaos, of course there were squeeky bums.

    I was just happy to see the Spawn gallivanting about eating gunners and crew.

    1. I never realized how like Skaven, Chaos are, where every roll is a gamble. I think I many more squeaky bums to go!

      I see 'Chunk' as the unofficial army mascot from now on.

  4. Cracking Battle Report, good to see you're getting some gaming in.
    See you at Salute?

    1. No salute this year mate. Far too many toys in the 'cupboard of shame' still!


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