Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Riotville LIVE 2018!! Round two.

With the dust barely settled and blood wiped from blades, challenges were issued for round two.

First up I need to add a battle I forgot from round one.

This would see Macca take on Lano and his Wood Elves.

This battle would see Lano's Glade guard hold their ground in the forest while the rest of his army fled from the advancing undead.

The last turns would see the Elves pour shot after shot into the Vampires unit reducing it to a pittance of it's former glory.

With only 10 Skeletons left alive the Elf Wild Riders charge in and destroy the remains of the unit also banishing the vampire back to the soil!

Round Two would see me take on Macca and his resurrected horde of Undead.

This battle would see both armies advance along the elongated battle field to grasp the treasures in the middle.

Once again I race forward with my Hounds. This time their job was to redirect units away from my block of Warriors rather then hunt down artillery.

As the armies advance I try to take a toll with my magic.

The forward units finally engage but the Undead hordes continue to grow and grow!

Finally the main units clash. I have a chance to kill the Vampire when my Gorebeast Chariot come crashing in and directs ALL its attacks against the Lord of the Undead.

Unfortunately I fail to kill off the Vampire and am forced to play my second devious ploy!

Unknown to Macca my BSB has been specifically equipped to deal with the Vampire lord because I considered it such a threat!!

Now my BSB steps forward and issues a challenge.

With my BSB having a 1+ armour save and 3+ward save (re-rolling ones) the Vampire and my BSB slog it out for the remainder of the battle!

Now the grind begins with both of us trying to tip the balance by crashing units into the swirling melee in the middle!

With the crown of command and the BSB my Chaos warriors hold firm and begin to whittle away the horde of undead.

Finally my Spawn and Knights move into position. . .

In a last desperate effort to win the field I commit all my unengaged forces to rip the Vampire lords block of skeletons to pieces  . . . . .

Unfortunately for me the Vampire lord survives the combat resolution and the game is declared a hard fought draw!

The second table would see my Ally in Chaos, Anthony and his beastmen clash against Shaggy and his Dwarves.

This would see the Beastmen race forward into more black powder weaponry with catastrophic results!

Thankfully for Anthony enough of his Beasties survive the withering fire to still be a threat by the time he contacts the enemy.

This will see Anthony inflict enough casualties to take the nod in the final turn.

Absolute carnage which left both Generals wondering what was the point of armour in this game!!

The Third table would see the Empire's finest (Lee) compete against the scourge of the Elves (Phil).

Once again the Dark Elves used their speed and 'doom bolts' to isolate and destroy the flower of the Imperial Artillery.

This would see Phil victorious by 11 victory points!

The forth table would see a match between the High Elves of Ed and the Dwarves of Jesus George.

This battle would see Ed use the faster moving units to  engage with the exposed Dwarves before their reserves could arrive to support.

This war of attrition lasted until the final turn where Ed was declared the winner.

With victory points totaled; The Imperial forces and the Elves made an aggressive land grab at the expense of the Undead while the forces of Chaos were content to not over extend their lines and consolidate their empire with fortifications.

Phi's Dark Elves = Purple, Lano's Woodelves = Green, Macca's Undead = Black, Lee's Empire = White, My chaos = Blue.
With the conclusion of the second round all the generals retired downstairs to stuff their faces . . . . Even the ones who were supposed to be dieting ;0)

Round three still to come.


  1. There was a lot of blood on the Beastman vs Dwarfs battlefield... As you said we might as well have been wearing a t-shirts for all good armour did in that game..

    1. Looked like a cracking game from where I was standing.

  2. Another good read, enjoyed that cheers for posting Riot, looks like the Undead are being squeezed out!

    1. Thanks man.

      SPOILER ALERT! It gets worse for the undead before the end!


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