Saturday, 3 June 2017

Legends of the Old West. The ballard of the righteous Wyart Earp. Jail break and Vendetta!

After the shoot out on Mare Street the 'High plains drifters' had headed for the hills and left 'Guns' Malone to his fate.

His fate was to be slung in the clink and hung at dawn the next day. . . . . .

'The Duke' and the rest of the Drifters had decided a jail break was needed and broke out the nitro! ! !

Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp get a sudden sense of forboding, draw their guns and gaze out into the street. . . . . . . It's quiet . . . . . Too quiet!

Inside Malone paces his cell and awaits his rescuers.

The rest of the town is deserted.

From the North a rabble of men appear with bad intentions written all over them.

Wyatt fires into the air to attract his deputies. . . . . Will they arrive in time ?!?

The 'Drifters' creep closer, trying their best to keep out of sight.

Both Deputies rush to the assistance of Wyatt in the first turn!

Wyatt breaks from the Jail house and takes to clearing the streets of garbage.

Spotting the approaching reinforcements 'The Duke' heads for the bluff to gain a better vantage point (and possibly avoid Bat Masterson).

Realising Bat could be stranded in the jail house on his own he also flees the jail to join his comrades.

'Frenchie' runs to the jail wall and attempts to set the nitro.

Without his point of fame to stop the immediate detonation of the nitro he would have sooned joined the angels!

The rest of the Drifters ransack the Sherriff's office to find the cell keys as well as empty the gun cabinet.

Two of the Deputies attempt to sneak up on The Duke.

Vigilante, Rooster Logburn is spotted by the Duke and plugged between the eyes!

With the shooting down of his comrade, 'Doc' fails his pluck test and bolts for cover.

Two of my toughs burst out of the jail house and bring their guns to bear on Bat Masterson!

Bill fills the air with curses as he is unable to bring his new shotgun to bear on Bat from his shooting position at the window!

Bat unloads his six shooter into 'Bushy' Bill and the outlaw drops to the ground unconscious!

'Oz' passes his pluck test and unloads on Bat. . . . .

As the gunsmoke clears Bat is still standing!!

Across the street Wyatt snaps off a shot and clips Oz.

Oz retreats to reload and Frenchie steps into the fray!

Despite the cannoncade of gunshots outside, Bill manages to concentrate long enough to find the keys to the cells.

As 'Guns' Malone steps from the cells and gathers his weapons a massive explosion rocks the street as the nitro finally goes off and showers both Bill and Malone in falling dust!!

The Duke hollers at his boys to beat a retreat now Malone is free!

Wyatt moves to a new firing position to cover the front of the jail!

Malone must be brought to justice (and the hanging will make him look good in the press!).

With his blood up and Bat isolated 'Guns' steps out of the front of the jail into the firing line to plug Bat with his newly re-acquired six guns!

'Bug eyed' Bill decides to exit via the new hole blasted in the back of the jail house.

Despite being outnumbered by the Drifters the game remains balanced on a knifes edge!

Wyatt guns down Malone and Bat survives the return fire (including being blasted through the window with a shot gun by Bill!).

With Malone dispatched by the Lawdogs and the night still young we decide to call the game there rather then play 'kiss chase' round the town until one of us fails a pluck test.

Rooster is sent to Boot Hill during the post game rolls.

Kris is now two losses for two games!

All my outlaws survive their post game rolls ;0)

With Malone freed (despite the gun shot wounds) and the Lawdogs licking their wounds, the Duke and the rest of the boys decide they are going to head to the saloon for a drink!

With his blood boiling; Wyatt bearly waits long enough to summon a pastor to take care of the deceased Rooster and reload his shooting irons, before rounding up his surviving deputies and heading over to the 'Last Chance' Saloon to settle this vendetta!

As 'Doc' approaches the saloon he is spotted and several of the Drifters jump the hedge and come gunning towards him!

The Duke takes up a sniping position by the Saloon window and the rest of the boys storm out of the front of the Saloon.

Gun shots fill the air as lead is exchanged, but still shaken from the earlier encounter (and possibly pissed on my side) none of the shots hit.

With the red mist clearing Wyatt realises he is heavily outnumbered and heavily outgunned!

With the other half of his deputation too far away to assist Wyatt has to swallow his pride and heads for the hills despite the calls of derision from the Outlaws!

And that games two and three!

On the Lawdogs side Wyatt has XPed up into a bit of a monster with a 3+ shooting value and 3 wounds. Add to that his point of 'fame' and two points of 'fortune' and he is nearly bullet proof!

Wild Bill has now recovered from his chest wound and will return to the fray next game.

As seems fitting Bat has upgraded to 'Grit' 4 and is now a lot more solid.

Despite running around like a headless chicken last game 'Doc' has also got his eye in and gained +1 shooting.

On the Outlaw side the 'Duke' has become a bit of a bullet proof, killing machine with grit 5, 3 wounds and 'deadeye shot' which means a +1 to all shooting 'to wound' rolls!

'Guns' Malone still can't shoot for shit but now has the 'fast draw' skill.

Due to his close shave with the nitro 'Frenchie' has gained some strength and an additional wound.

'Bushy' Bill will suffer a old chest wound from now on but has also gained an additional wound.

Among my henchmen 'Dutch' is becoming desensitised to the rigours of the west and gained +1 pluck.

Both Bill and Oz have improved their shooting ability and been sent out shopping for new shotguns!

Could be time for the 'High plains Drifters' to make a withdrawl from the town bank next game!


  1. Cheers for posting Riot if it weren't for the fact that I play far too many games as it is then I would be rushing out to play this, you make it look brilliant :-)

    1. It's not hard to make the game look brilliant. . . . .because the game IS brilliant!

  2. Another great encounter, such wonderful fun.

    1. Thanks my brother and I are really enjoying the whole thing.


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