Monday, 12 June 2017

Blood in the Badlands. Game 6. Triumph and the Treachery (of Lee!).

With only three generals able to attend Lano's this Sunday it was decided to have a three way 'Triumph and Treachery' game.

And my word there would be some treachery!

Lee sets out his 1200 points (plus extra's from the mine rolls)

Lano fields his 1200 points (thanks to the continual sabotaging of his mines he gets no extra points) ;0)

I set out my 1200 points of my Slaughtermaster army plus my 350 points extras thanks to the 'spoils of war' rolls.

The 'Mexican standoff begins.

Using the hill as cover I advance towards the Elves but keep a weary eye on Lee's Greenskins.

At this point there may have been some shots fired across Lee's bows, but come on it's no excuse to start fighting!

Lee's turn and despite my warning shots he continues his creep towards my Leadbelchers.

His Boar boyz crash into the Elven spears. . . . . .

and run them from the field!

First blood to the Orcs.

Then Lee shows his true colours and charges his big uns into my Leadbelchers!


My Firebelly gobbles down his 'Hellheart' and reduces the Orc Shaman to just a bloke with a stick!

Then my lads get busy and decimate the Orcs.

I roll two inches short on the chase and the Orcs manage to escape.

My turn card appears next and my Leadbelchers open up with both barrels into the fleeing Orc boys.

From the way I rolled I guess my Lads were REALLY upset!

My Sabretusks manage to charge the Elven Bolt thrower and rip the crew to pieces.

My Ironguts finally crest the hill.

With the situation completely changed now the Orcs have turned on my Ogres Lano has to reassess his position.

Lee continues his double cross and charges his chariot into my rampaging Leadbelchers.

The shock of this sudden attack causes them to turn and flee.

They are scythed down as they take flight following a brief combat!

The battlefield continues to be balanced on a knifes edge.

Desperate to claim the gold Lano attempts to run down the Orc boys.

They managed to evade the charge and bolt away from the Elven Swordmasters.

At about this point Lano and I agree the only way to deny Lee the victory is to crash our Battle buses into each other and see who the Dice gods have deemed worthy to take the win!

The gold claimed from wiping out the other's Battle buses will allow Lano or I to claim the victory!

We manoeuvre into position!

The Battle buses collide and let the dice fall where they may!

Lano and I cast spells with abandon and play nearly every 'Triumph and Treachery' card we have in order to sway the outcome!

Lee continues his dirty deeds and attempts to pick off isolated elements of both armies in order to reap the gold rewards!

His Chariot crashes into my Gnobblars and survives the dangerous terrain test to wipe out my Gnobblars.

The best result for Lee at this point is a draw between Lano and I to deny us the gold and allow him to sneak the win.

Lee plays his hand and dumps 'Triumph and treachery' cards on Lano and I to stall out the combat between our battle buses!

What a git! ;0)

With the combat between Lano and I stalled out due to all the shenanigans (and an outrageous amount of saving rolls by Lano!!!!), Lee continues his Machiavellian ways and attempts to rear charge my Ironguts to run them through the Elves and off the field in order to claim the reward for the unit.

WHAT A GIT!!!! ;0)

Thankfully I have one last 'T&T' card to play and Lee fails the charge!

With the next set of turn cards essential to the game, I manoeuvre my Sabretusks in such a way that if the Elves flee from the following combat they will be unable to stop and will be forced to flee the field securing me the victory!

Any last 'T&T' cards are played and my Ironguts surge forward to secure the victory!

The charging Ironguts are wiped from the field by the Eleven Swordmasters before they can even bring their weapons to bear!!

Only my Slaughtermaster and Bruiser are left standing to sway the combat.

Unfortunately this is beyond their ability and the combat is drawn.

With that the double crossing, sneaky, git Lee takes the victory!!

But what a game ;0)

The shenanigans continue into the post game rolls and here is how the map currently stands half way through the summer season. 

Phil's Skaven = Red, Barbarians = Black, Lano's Elves = Blue, Lee's Orcs = Green, My Ogres = Yellow

I just wanted to post a picture of the map in it's unaltered form as I think it looks the business!

Despite the double cross Lee and I decide to continue our alliance of convenience (for now!).

No games next week due to Fathers day on Sunday and something special planned for Friday (more on that later in the week).


  1. Absolutely superb! That must have been a hilarious game to part of, I best there were one or two choice words.

    1. It was a cracking game but then again 'T&T' always is.

      There were a few frank works exchanged across the table! ;0)

  2. "Treachery" does not do it justise, excellent game :-)

  3. Blimey...tense or what! Great stuff!

    1. it was a bit of a nail biter!

      Top game though.


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