Monday, 5 June 2017

Blood in the Badlands. Game 5.

This Sunday saw the beginning of the summer campaigning season.

Being Summer any destroyed armies would be immediately replaced with an army back within your empire.

I think there are going to be a lot of replacement armies in the next 4 weeks!

Once again I would be forming up opposite Phil's Skaven!
We both have an extra 350 points to field thanks to various rolls on event tables.

I spot a Giant sitting on Lano's shelves and ask if I can borrow it for the game.

Looks like I will have a Giant for this game.

Due to the scenario we have to split our armies into two separate blocks and then a randomly selected block will enter the field of battle first.

The second block will enter on the second turn as reinforcements.

The initial armies are deployed as shown below.

I get first turn.

I think I rolled my first misfire on my Ironblaster this turn.

Phil decides to charge forward with his right flank.

The rat swarms pass every single 'dangerous terrain' test when they charge my Gnobblars!

The rest of Phil's right flank surge forward.

I decide to fight fire with fire and charge pretty much every one of my units into combat.

When in doubt . . . . . CHARGE!!

One of the exceptions to this is my Ironblaster, who pivots on the spot and grapeshots the abomination at point blank range. . . . well that was the plan but it rolls a misfire!!

My Sabretusks make a beeline for the Skaven jezzails.

They fail to destroy the unit but will force the Skaven battle bus to chew through both of them before they can enter the main fight.

Will this cause enough of a delay to let me deal with the other elements of the Skaven force before they arrive?

 My Ogre Bulls and Giant rip through the Skaven rats and overrun into the Plague Monks.

Phil's turn and my Butcher gobbles down the 'Hellheart' as I figure he will be sent back to the Great Maw by the end of the combat.

I great roll on the effect bubble distance sees me cause both Skaven wizards to miscast.

The plague monk wizard is dispatched but the Grey Seer continues to live a charmed life and remains unharmed after all the miscast effects are resolved!

Phils turn for revenge and he rolls a ton of attack die against my Ogre Bulls. . . .

He ends up rolling 18 wounds against my Ogres!!!

Somehow I have a mental roll of good luck and only lose two Bulls to this frenzy of attacks!!

But this luck can only last so long and the Ogres flee from the combat.

The monks over run and stop two inches short of my Leadbelchers.

Not wanting the Leadbelchers charged next turn I detatch my Firebelly from the unit so they are now out of the charge arc of the monks.

A wicked grin now crosses my face as I now have an entire magic phase and shooting phase to decimate those bloody Plague monks!

I only have to cause 5 wounds in one of the phases to cause a panic test . . . . What could possibly go wrong?


TWO fireballs only cause three wounds in the magic phase so no panic check yet. . . but I have reduced a rank so the Monk moral is even lower.

Now the shooting phase!

Despite a strength four breath attack from the Firebelly that engulfs the entire unit and four Leadbelchers unloading into the unit at short range I AM HALF A BLOODY WOUND SHORT OF CAUSING A PANIC CHECK. . . . . .

HALF A BLOODY WOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Plague Monks don't even pause for breath and charge into my Firebelly!

Back on my left the Abomination and Rats chew through my Mournfangs.

MY Giant is killed before it even gets to swing an attack and then falls the wrong way and does not even have the decency to fall onto the Rat Ogres that killed it!

Never mind at least my Ironblaster can blast the Abomination to kingdom come before the Rat Ogres turn up . . . . . .

NOPE!! . . . . That will be it's third misfire of the game!!

I think it will need to spend some time on the naughty step when I get home.

Not believing his luck Phil charges the Abomination into the useless Ironblaster.

Personally I want it to destroy the bloody useless piece of scrap iron!

My Firebelly is massacred and the Ironblaster is pulled to pieces in short order.

This causes my Leadbelchers to think 'Sod all this!' and bolt for the back table edge!

With only my reduced unit of Ironguts left on the field I decide to concede the game there and Phil is the well deserved victor!

 Over on the second table Lano and Lee were having a mental game of 'Storm of magic'!

Somehow Elves had raised Zombies and Lee's wizards were miscasting and turning into all sorts of rampaging monsters!!

It made my head hurt just looking at it so I will be avoiding any games near the flying fortress for a while!

Lee once again walked away the victor.

Here is the map as it currently stands.

Phil's Skaven = Red, Barbarians = Black, Lano's Elves = Blue, Lee's Orks = Green, MY Ogres = Yellow

Roll on next week where I will either be facing Barbarians or playing a three way triumph and treachery game.


  1. Useless it may have been, but a giant crocodile with a cannon strapped to his back still looks great!

    1. I guess but it is going to pull it's socks up.

      You only get so far on good looks.

  2. Three misfires, that's very unlucky, but fun report to read, cheers Riot :-)

    1. The bloody Ironblaster seems to have read the same manual as my Empire cannon crew!

      I suppose it is fun for everyone else. Phil was certainly enjoying it!

  3. You can't catch a brake against those rats can you... that storm of magic game looked nuts.

    1. I really can't solve the puzzle against Phil . . . . Yet!

      The storm od Magic game was nuts, looked fun, but nuts.


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