Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Blood in the Badlands. Game 8 (pt2). Massacre in Morgheim

Captain Guthook had barely licked the Orc blood from his blade before he was called over by the Slaughter Master.

The Slaughter Master appeared to be in a trance, staring into the disembowled guts of the slaughtered, giant Arachnid with a thousand yard stare. "The Great Maw speaks to me" he said in a disembodied voice. "Even as we tally here the Fey folk are entering Morgheim, their blades have been bathed in Skaven blood. . . . LOTS of Skaven blood!"

"The Maw is jealous" he continued "He demands his tribute"!

Captain Guthook turned from the Slaughtermaster and kicked the nearest dead Orc. 'Damn!' he thought staring around at the green cadavers surrounding him 'this is the first proper feed we would have had in days'!

He set about rousing the ragged remains of his forces, "Onwards lads" he bellowed!! "There is fey flesh to feast on ahead". 

Truth be told, he was glad, he never had been keen on eating his greens!!

No sooner had I been declaired the victor of the 'Black Tower' then I moved over to the larger table to face off against the desolated forces of Lano's High Elves.

As soon as I sat down I realised Lano had his game face on.

This would be a fitting end to a series of bloodbaths today!

Lano set up the shattered remains of his forces as shown below.

It turned out that Phil had barely ten or so miniatures survive the previous battle!

I decide to deploy the ragged remains of my Ironguts behind some ruins and use this cover to shield their advance.

I would be depending on my Leadbelachers and Ironblaster to blast the Elven sword masters from the table by the time my Tyrant arrived to mop up.

Well that was the original plan and in retrospect I probably should have stuck to it!!

As the Elven Greatswords advanced into the valley of death I concentrated all my firepower into their glittering ranks.

As they continued to advance stoically into this hail of cannonballs I figured I could charge in with all three units holding the right flank.

Now the intent was to crack the Elven unit open with the sheer number of Ogre impact hits, before the surviving Elves even had a chance to bring their weapons to bear!

I roll high and all three units are in!!

And only six Elves fall under the onslaught!

Will it be enough?

Now it's the Elves turn to show their worth as they hack down all but one of my attacking forces!

The Elf over run brings the Elven sword masters into contact with my Bruiser BSB!

In the centre my Firebelly, still flush from his destruction of the Orc stone Golem, charges a five elf, unit of spears.

He is counter charged by the Elf Sky chariot and the hero of the Black Tower succumbs to the impact hits!

As this happens my Ironguts finally crest the ruins and charge into the Elf bolt thrower. Swiftly pulling both the bolt thrower and it's crew to pieces.

Lano uses the brief respite to reform his line. . . .

The Sky Chariot is used as a speed bump to stall my advance.

With the Sky Chariot pulled from the air my Iron guts finally make contact with the elite of the Elven forces!

It's at this point I realise what a disaster of a decision this is as the Elven unit have a 2+ ward save against ALL magical attacks including the weaponry of my characters!!!!!

This means I had probably made the correct decision earlier when I commited all my other units to the charge, except maybe I should have given them another round of shooting first?

My Slaughter Master is hacked to pieces and my only real hope of inflicting any casualties now is my Irongut Champion!

Wise to this Lano targets my Irongut during the melee phase.

But first onto magic!

This is when he finally sufferes a miscast and then Lano utters the immortal words "of course what I really want is to roll a five so all your Ogres are hit with a strength ten hit"

What does he bloody roll?????????

Yep a five!

The final round of Melee ends with only five Elves left standing and my Tyrant hanging on by his finger nails on ONE WOUND!!

At this point Lano is declaired the rightful victor and we all decide to prospone the post game rolls till next week as we were all mentally exhausted from the games.

The games Sunday were by far the most taxing games I have ever played since probably playing Warmachine. Several times I said to Lee that "A hobby is supposed to be bloody relaxing! For goodness sake this is a game of little soldiers"!

To which his reply was "Yer, but I am loving it"!

And truth be told yer. . . . . so am I ;0) !!!!!!!


  1. Oh those Swordmasters are very nasty, I have tons of them, but I have to say I am really enjoying keeping up with your Badlands Campaign, been a pleasure to read :-)

    1. That unit of Sword masters is an absolute beast.

      Apparently Lano has an even nastier unit of Elves up in the rafter of the garage even he feels 'dirty' bring to the table! Hopefully they will stay tucked away in the rafters.

  2. Epic evening!

    It's a shame my Swordmasters don't get to keep Frenzy :(

    1. Yer . . . . . I'm heartbroken for you! ;0)

      Thanks for an epic round of gaming. Sterling job with the set up!


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