Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Warhammer Fantasy. The Battle of Small Haven

Against all his prayers to Sigmar it seemed the rumours were true. The plumes of smoke in the distance seemed to confirm the reports that Small Haven had been ravaged by Orc raiders. General Custoras could probably cover this up by sending reports back to Altdorf about a rogue plague ravaging his first settlement outside of New Haven but he would have to ensure that any survivours of the Small Haven were 'disappeared' as well as destroy the Orc raiders to recapture the riches of Small Haven to bribe his men to keep quiet!

The warning shouts of the outriding scouts snapped his attention back into the present. One way or the other this mess would be settled . . . . .NOW!

Lano had texted both Lee and I in advance to bring 2000 points of 8th edition for a special scenario he had found. We were also to bring an additional 250 points of forces 'just in case'?

'In case of what I wondered?'

We entered Lano's garage to find the following table set up and what a doozy it was!

Lee had written up a 2000 point list so it was decided that he would occupy the village while it was my job to winkle them out. Lee also had 3 treasure chests to distribute amoung his forces.

Not surprisingly Lee elects to bunker the majority of his forces behind the stone walls.

I set up a holding force opposite the above forces and then set up a flanking force of my Knights to see if I can force the breach and then roll through the village. I set my cannons up to blast away the walls and then hopefully enfilade the occupying Orc forces.

I really need to win initiative for the first turn. No such luck.

Lee wins the first turn. He then immediately puts me on the back foot by charging his Boar Chariots straight out the breach!

I thought I was the proponent of the 'head down and swing', battle plan?

Thankfully my 'Deamon Slayers' hold firm but my militia is decimated by the impact hits of the chariot and are run down as they turn to flee back to the pub!

Over on the right flank my Demigryphs charge the Orc pet Giant.

Once again Lee has completely nerfed my Heavy cavalry when two whirling Goblin Fanatics come bursting out of the innocuous unit of Goblin archers blocking their way into the village!

SOD IT!!!!!!!

Thankfully the Fanatic stops an inch short from the flower of my forces!!

The Fanatic then manages to survive a volley of magic missles as well as a cannoncade of cannon balls!!

Over on the left, my 'Pissed up Bastards' Militia steam into the unit of Gobbo spears!

They take a kicking but their blood is up and they pass the moral check with room to spare.

And the a roll of double one means they just keep on swinging!

Lee hates my 'Pissed up Bastards'!

Back on the right one of my Demigryphs falls but I am chipping away at the bloody great giant.

The sudden charge of the massive unit of Orc boys gives me a fright and Lee could have used bigger hands to roll all the required die but a mass of armour saves stops the annihilation of my Demigryphs.

My Inner Circle Knights smash the Snotling Wagon into matchwood and overrun into the staggering Giant.

Inspired by the insane courage of the 'Pissed up Bastards' my handgunners draw their swords and charge into the Gobbo spears.

Over on the right General Custoras gets to grips with the Giant!

Who then decides to topple onto the General's unit in his death throngs!!

Thankfully both the Wizard and General manage to avoid his falling mass!

The foot of Gork misses my Cannon by millimeters!!

At this point I am looking really strong.

Lees right flank has disappeared and my 'Deamon slayers' are holding firm thanks to hatred from the Battle Priest and the Battle standard bearer.

I have to be honest this is more down to luck then judgement on my part as I have been completely outplayed by the salty dog Lee!

I also cast the 'Comet of Casandora' during turn one. At this point it has not landed! With the law of averages on my side (needing a roll of 4+) it should land sooner rather then later with devastating force.

Of course this is when Lee's remaining massive unit of Orc Boyz decide to fail their animosity test and start arguing between themselves right under the decending comet!!!!!

However at this point the tables turn!

First the Orc chariots charge my Spearmen both front and rear and the remaining Spearmen fail their moral check (despite the re-roll) and are trampled by the rampaging Chariots!

However the battle is still balanced on a Knifes edge!

In a desperate effort to stop the charge of the snorting Boar Boyz my cannons bring their guns to bear on the hairy horde.

Both sides hold their breath as the gunners touch their wicks to the vent. . . . . . as the smoke clears one cannon has only caused two wounds with it's grapeshot and the other cannon has blown itself to smithereens thanks to a misfire!!

So far my cannons have managed to kill a stone wall in all the battles I have used them in!!

Then my surviving cannon crew are trampled beneath the hoofs of the boar boyz!

My Gryphs regain me a measure of pride as they finally track down the Orc Shaman and rip him into shreds.

Back in the village the comet has still failed to land!

To make matters worse the Orc boys pass their animosity test and boil out of the village to crush my handgunners!!!

And that was turn six with a well deserved victory for Lee.

This battle had more twists and turns then a snake in it's death throngs. The truth is I was completely outplayed in this battle by the salty dog Lee!

There is much to digest from this battle and I need to make much more use of supporting forces and initial positioning of my forces.

Truth be told it was only brute force and ignorance that kept me in this battle. . . . . Maybe I should start playing Orcs?????


General Custoras looked around himself in bewilderment!

How had this happened. Orcs were supposed to be incapable of thought. Just unwashed, green, brutes to be trampled beneath the hoofs of their superior hunters!

The cunning of this Orc leader was unlike anything he had seen before. . . . Then a vulpine smile crossed his lips . . . . . At least dead men did not need bribing to keep their lips sealed. After all dead men tell no tales. Maybe Custoras could talk to the WIzard Marcus Darklore on the way back and  arrange an 'accident' for the surviving 'Second sons' once they were a safe distance from the rampaging Orcs?

Thanks to Lano for doing all the hard work of setting up and Lee for the epic battle.


  1. What a great battle, the foot of Gork made me chuckle!

    1. Thanks man. . . the wonders of photo shop ;0)

  2. Looked like an excellent game, great set up and smashing armies, good to read a warhammer report when warhammer was interesting :-)

    1. Thankfully 8th edition still has a strong following in my gaming circles. It really is a great game

  3. Sure, the Foot of Gork smashes down (Even if it missed) but the Empire comet refused to do likewise? I call shenanigans! :)

    Great battle report with some very fun pics.

    1. 11 magic turns and I could not roll a 4+ !!!!!!

      Sigmar deserted us


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