Tuesday, 25 October 2016

lego Mordheim. The Dark Knight rises!

Malcore the wizard could sense the presence of the artefact. Somewhere in this vicinity the treasure lurked. Malcore tried to divine it's precise location but the warpstone buried within the city were scattering the winds of magic and thwarting his attempts. There was no option; they would have to mine into the stone edifice before them and risk the noise awakening that damn Broken King and his retinue.

Silently they crept forward.

Saturday the boy and I were unable to go Thaiboxing as he had been sick. I was hoping to sneak in some painting but Troy was determined to get a game of Lego Mordheim in.

I could not work out why he kept doing a little dance until he placed his forces in the table. . . . .

If you look closely you will see he has snuck TWO Batmen onto the table! The little sod is playing force creep!

The table is set and a stone edifice is located in the centre of the table. To complicate matters Troy set up another treasure chest close by. Was a double cross on the cards?

The stone edifice.

A close up of Lego Mordheim.

With me facing TWO Batmen I decide to set up as close to the treasure chests and see if I can smash and grab them off the table before the Dark Knights can get involved.

The little man sets up in the corner.

Shinobi Cole is not facing the wrong way, he is shaking his bum at the Baddies!

My warband charge forward. The plan is to sacrifice the hench men as a speed bump while I try to run BOTH treasure chests off the board. One of them must have treasure inside!

Malcore the wizard tries to find a vantage point to rain fireballs onto the goodies below.

The goodies advance on mass and I decide to bunker down and wait for the rush.

My Ghost is ethereal so it walks through the wall of the stone edifice and grabs the first treasure chest. . . . No surprises so far.

'Peg leg', another of my henchmen passes an initiative test and climbs up onto the precarious walk way to grab the second chest . . . . .

Troy giggles hysterically as he reveals his trap and the walk way gives way under the weight of the henchman!

Thankfully he survives the fall.

Back at the temple Batman drops his first henchman with his Batarang!

"Take that denizen of evil!
Just out of shot the 'Broken King' charges and dispatches my 'Evil Knight'. Then in a moment of genius Troy decides to strip the 'Evil Knight' of his heavy armour and put it on!

Cole the Ninja passes a strength test and kicks in the prison door.

I decide to commit my Henchman against the Broken King in his newly acquired (i.e. stolen) heavy armour.

The theft of the heavy armour proves wise as the +1 armour save, saves the Kings life.

Spook and Zombie Bob leg it for the back table edge closely followed by Cole.

The Broken King and the 'Servant Knight' easily dismiss my henchmen.

Back in the centre of the table Shinobi Cole, in his headlong rush to stop the Baddies has not noticed he has exposed himself to Malcore the Wizard!

A roll of ten means Malcore successfully casts a fireball and incinerates Shinobi Cole as he crosses the open ground!


Malcore's maniacal laughter is short lived as Batman finally gets a bead on him and hits him smack between the eyes with his Batarang.

Mmmmmwwwwahahahah . . .AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Splat!

Despite being decimated, my remaining forces pass their moral check and manage to run both treasure chests off the back table edge.

Finally the Baddies have a victory in Lego Mordheim!!!

Phew that was close!!!!!

Unfortunately there were tears when the boy noticed I had maganged to leg it off the table while he was busy kicking lumps out of the baddies but we had a sit down and a juice box and talked through the game. Little man noticed he had started too far away from the treasure at the start of the game and this gave me enough time to make a break for it. 

He will not make that mistake again!


  1. Great stuff! Learning to accept defeat and still have fun is always an important step...many a grown-up I know still hasn't quite got there!

  2. Great fun and an important lesson learnt! Great job all round.

    1. I agree but my wife was shooting me daggers! ;0)

  3. Excellent stuff, lessons for life, its all in the game :-)

    1. Lesson for life . . . . Keep your eye on the prize ;0)


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