Friday, 28 October 2016

Orctober 2016. It's the thought that counts.

Once again it's Orctober a celebration of all thats green and good?

Image the coutesy of Erny of 'Erny's place'

Erny over at Erny's place started a thing when he kicked off Orctober all those years ago.

Here is my entry for this year after the cut.

The guys below were the original intentions but once again the secondary miniatures pushed their way to the front of the que????

My first entry 'Clunker' is a bit of a mish mash.

He was originally one of those 'snap fit' efforts GW produce as a starter set. I cut his legs off to convert a driver for my 'Gorka Morka' Boyz and then just kept him around because I felt sorry for him.

I was thinking for the longest time of getting him some wheels to make him mobile and hostile again. The problem was the conversion bits I found by Kromlech cost more then the original box of Ork's!

I could not excuse buying bits to save a miniature I felt sorry for with bits that cost more then the original box of miniatures!

Then one of those amazing things which only seems to happen at BOYL happened.

Curtis Fell of Ramshackle Games walked in and was giving away a massive box of miscasts! He never even asked for a hug!

What a star!

In amoung the bits was the perfect set of mech legs and were FREE.

How could I not channel my inner Pain Boy and fix this sucker up for Orctober?

As always I also finished up a Grot while the ink washes were drying.

Now the numbers.

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 136 (silver tower does not count)

Target 100

Miniatures bought 30 (damn you BOYL!!)
333 miniatures to go!
106 in the black this year


  1. That conversion really does hearken back to the better days of the 90's when Orks were actually interesting and fun. Really nice work mate.

  2. These look stunning, great job Sir.

    1. Thank you. I will have to take your word on it as I am red / green colour blind!

  3. Excellent green skins, literally really nicely painted skin tones.

    1. Thanks mate. I will have to take your word on it as I am red / green colour blind.

      I only realised you had green hair in your photo once you mentioned it in your blog!

  4. The Ork looks great proving the latter Orks are nice figures. I love the skin tones you get for orks.

    1. Thanks mate. Personally I really like the sculpts.

      Just glad to contribute to Orctober.


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