Monday, 8 August 2016

Adeptus Titanicus. A game I have waited 28 years to play!

One of the first things I did when the BOYL 2016 website went live was sign up for Steve of 'Somewhere the tea is getting cold' fame's partician game of Titanicus.

My first impression was "WOW Epic was REALLY small!!!"

Seriously I had never realised how tiny it really was. I can see why the new releases will be in 8mm and to be honest my eyes will be thankful for that.

Steve had set up a lovely board and thankfully brought all the toys.

With Nick joining us we were all set for a 3 way game.

I charge my 2 Titans down the middle trying to make as much use of cover as possible.

"Peek a boo"
I try and be clever and go for a lighter force which I hope will give me more tactical options and means I can bring more guns to bear at specific points.

Yer right . . . . . . .

I send my Warhounds racing round the flank.

Steve tries for the early kill and charges Nicks Titan. He is centimeters out!

I decide to gang up on Nick as well and target his Warhound with my bigger Titan.

Then I come under a barrage of fire and all my void shields disappear.

Well that went well!

Then I get blind sided by Nic's big boy!

And my Warhounds suddenly have a new play mate (with full void shields)!

Oh and I lose my void shield generator on my other Titan from a long range sniper shot from Nick!

With all my void shields down, one of my Titans blind sided, the other vunerable and my warhounds completely outgunned I have the other two EXACTLY where I want them!

I am just about to unleash my master stroke and claim victory when I am called away to have my sculpt done by Kev Adams!

I pass my winning hand over to Warlord Paul and leave the table with him only needing to follow my fool proof plan, victory medals all round and everyone home for Christmas ;0)

I return some time later to find . . . . . 

One Titan blown to smithereens. . . . 

The other reeling and punch drunk . . . . .

and my Warhounds clinging on by their finger nails!

With disbelief I turn to Warlord Paul. He can only apologise for his ineptitude as our last Warhounds disappear in a ball of plasma.

If you cannot tell I am being sarcastic as I really left Paul with a massive shit sandwich to deal with. 

I would like to thank Steve for bringing all his toys to BOYL and allowing me to participate in a game I have wanted to play since 1988! 

I also need to thank Nick, Steve (again) and Paul for the great game which was a good laugh.

Of course my thanks has to go to Warlord Paul for jumping in when I was called away to keep the game flowing despite the disaster I had left him with.


  1. That looked like fun and I have to confess that I hadn't really considered how big the models were before now. They look great though and the bombed out building are pretty smart too.

    1. Steve did a great job with the Titans and board. Most of the buildings were from the original release.

      The models really were tiny!

  2. I loved AT back when it came out. We all painted our Warlords in crazy-silly colours and enjoyed the heck out of the rules set.

    Your game (And table) looks great.

    1. That was the fun of painting at that time. The idea was to make the stuff a garish as possible.

      Cannot take any credit for any of the stuff other then signing up to play the game, that was all the hard work of Steve.

      Hopefully you will be able to visit next year.

  3. I played the following day. I hadn't played since it first came out, and I was surprised what a good game it was - worked smoothly with good range of tactical options. Close combat is seriously punishing, which took me by surprise a bit. Thanks to Steve for bringing it in.

    1. Glad you enjoyed your game.

      I guess 60 foot robots head-butting each other should be punishing ;0)

      I just hope the re-release is just as good.

  4. Thanks for the great games both of you - had loads of fun and it was great getting the little fellas out on the table! Love the write up Mike too!


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