Monday, 23 February 2015

The Dread Lord Crashhart. The Forsaken's new leader

With the death of Lord Crashhart on Thursday I had some thinking to do...... Do I chop up Crashhart to make him look more like Eric or do I go for a new figure to add to the painting tally for the year?

I quick check on ebay shows the miniature I have for Lord Crashhart goes for between £10 to £20.

Well that answers that question, I'm not chopping him up, so a new figure it will be!

This is what I come up with

The inspiration for this one is "The Dread pirate Roberts" from The princess bride book (and film).

I figure I will go with Eric taking on the persona of Crashhart much like Wesley did in the Princess bride.

It's only a quick kit bash and my first green stuff sculpting in a LONG time so it looks a bit rough but with the speed my warband are dying I do not expect to be using him for long!

Even with that being the case I am surprised how much like the "Dread pirate" he looks when I compared the two pictures.

Even up close I have not done too awful a job and a decent paint job should cover up any roughness.

Even had a go at green stuffing on some hair.

The way things are going I will have my Empire Militia detatchment painted up in no time, OR run out of miniatures as there were only 20 in the box!

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