Sunday, 1 February 2015

Mordheim, Game 3. NONE .... er sorry.... SOME SHALL PASS!!!!!!!!!!!

Read on to find out how the ingenius Lord Crashhart finally managed to squeak out a win.....sorry I mean decimate the scum bag rotters of the undead!

It's Saturday night so that only means one thing...... Me rushing through a bed time story so I can get out of the door as soon as possible!

Once again I follow the secret map (other wise known as a "Satnav" [?]) and arrive at the secret chapel of the holy resin (neils shed).

4 of the usual suspects arrive in short order (Lano, Macca, Neil and Myself), and two boards are laid out (as well as teabags, crisps, beer etc).

We decide to play two seperate scenarios, the South Gate house (me Vs Macca) and The mining pit (Lano and Neil).

"Right lads we REALLY need this win!"

I climb my archers up, to run along the walls, while my Melee troops search the nearest building for the treasure rumoured to be hidden in one of the buildings in the area.

Macca's undead follow suit and search the nearest building before sprinting round the flank into cover.

"Is that a CONGA I see before me!"

My archers continue their run along the walls to get to the best vantage point. 

I decide to split my melee troops to speed up the search. Hopefully I will roll the double six and have the treasure off the back edge before Macca even knows whats happened! 

Two chances of that. Slim and none!

Wary of my archers, Macca spints his ghouls from cover to cover while his dreg searches the nearest building.

Also wary of the Vampire with the bow I also move my troops into cover and hide.

I also make an effort to keep my more vunerable troops away from the thick of any potential wet work.

"How can I hide? I have bright orange hair!!"
Spook and the rest of the archers finally reach their selected vantage point and wait for the killing to begin.

Here comes Macca's conga as his Ghouls race to the cover of the enclosure walls.

I swear I am going to buy a Blunderbuss at the first opportunity!

"Everybody conga!"
I race Red and Crashhart into the final building and find the treasure chest! Now all I have to do is get it off the board. Easy!

Due to racing for the cover Macca was unable to hide his troops. This allows me to pop off his Dreg.

Macca decides to sweep round both flanks to cut off the retreat of my slow moving (due to carrying the treasure) warband.

He commits the stronger half of his warband to flushing my archers out of the high ground of the Gatehouse.

My boys dig in and prepare to go medieval on the Rotters.

I take my pot shots as the rotters cross the open ground but despite hitting several targets the tough bastards refuse to fall.

Spook falls to the bow of the Vampire lord (or maybe a spell from the necromancer?) and the rest of the undead swarm into the opposite side of the Gate house.

Jeffery Archer and Archie fall back into the opposite tower, barracade the door and pull out their maces.

Around the central house we ALL continue to play hide and seek as we both put our forces into hiding to stop the charges of the opposing force.

I am desperate to charge in Grim but he has an initive of TWO!!! so the odds of pulling off the charge is minimal.

As I continue to drag the treasure towards the back table edge I expose Crashhart to the Necromancer and Macca pulls off "Life stealer" causing Crashhart to drop to the ground unconscious!

"Got yer!"

Out of shot, in the Gatehouse, my boys crack open the skulls of both a ghoul and a dreg as they tried to force their way through the barracaded door. 

Macca decides to pull back the rest of his force in the Gate house rather then risk the assault and my Boys restring their bows to help out the young bloods holding back the ghouls on the right flank.

Once again they find their targets but the tough barstards refuse Death's embrace!

The young bloods try and make a stand of it but the Ghouls boil through them without even slowing down and I decide its time to go a little bit mental!!!!

Grim charges the Vampire lord. Macca screams out "Fear check" as quick as me can! But I simply raise my eyes and whisper "Deathwish!". Suddenly the Vampire has a fight on his hands!

Macca charges in a Dreg to assist.

In his eagerness to "Steal" (Pun intended!) another life, Macca moves his Necromancer forward. This leaves him open to the charge from "Wild eyed Joe" and to add insult to injury this also leaves the necromancer within charge range of both archers barracaded in the Gatehouse. They both crash through the door to kick lumps out of the life stealing bastard!

"Oh silly Hat! Didn't you notice that door behind you!"

Grim drops the Dreg coming to the aid of his Lord and the boys make short work of the necromancer before coming to the aid of Grim.

Suddenly the Vampire is not looking so emo and detached as a Ginger haired, nutcase gets to work with his axes.

Emo Vs Punk. The ultimate battle!
Red drags the treasure into the shadows and goes into hiding to stop the charge of the Ghouls.

"Nobody move!"
 Grim and the boys shoot the Vampire in the face before pulling him down and Macca declares!



  1. Bloody Dwarf! Bloody axes! Good game and far more tactical than I expected it brings a whole different aspect to the game. That was the first game which involved me in a lot of combat both hand to hand, missile and magic. Well done Riot that was the game which gave me the learning experience I needed, I definitely got to know the rules better and tactics.

    1. got to agree it was a real chess match from beginning to end. Finally feel I am getting a hang of the mechanics.

      Well played mate you were a bit unlucky wth that last series of die rolls.


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