Friday, 20 February 2015

Mordheim game 6. "Norf of the river at this time of night? Are you mad?"

This Thursday at the Creative biscuit Macca and I set out our small warbands to contest the Wyrd stone find at the North River gate. I won the roll and decided to play Scenario 1; Defend the find. Macca had the smaller warband and  set himself up within the central cottage and I set up my Forsaken in the South West corner.

I had decided to split my Warband into 3 kill teams. I figured Macca would stay shut up tight in the central cottage allowing my to station my Markmen in the upper floor of the over looking cottage while my other two teams would skirt round both flanks of the cottage to charge in and finish off any Rotters which survived the barrage of arrows.

Of course what a salty dog like Macca noticed was the bottle neck I had created for myself and charges ALL his force out of the cottage to mob my Warband as they clear the large cottage in peacemeal fashion!

He then puts his band into hiding and takes full advantage of any available cover.

This forces me to take a much wider route round the cottage. I try to shield my marksmen from any potential charges with Rags (My wizard) and Stortebeker my new Ogre bodyguard.

Red, Crashhart and Crazy Joe take pot shots at any Rotters which are exposed with their pistols.

Macca and I both lose a figure in the exchange of fire. My third kill team of Grim and co. round the right of the cottage and Wild eyed Joe blasts away at the ghouls with his pistol.

Macca unleashes his Ghouls and charges in on Cairo and Wild Eyed Joe. Joe is currently on toughness two due to a previous injury and I had told myself again and again in the run up to the battle not to get him entangled in a tear up. What do I go and do...... I'm such a Wally!

Macca's Ghouls attack with a barrage of punches but only manages to pull down the weakened Bob.

The good news is this allows Grim a channel to charge and in he pitches, the 4 foot loony!

I also charge in Crashhart and his companions as it is getting close to the end of the game and I need more figures within 6" of the central cottage or Macca takes the victory.

Red, Crashhart and Stortebeker all make a bee line for the vampire. The hope is their higher WS will counter the vampire's high WS and hopefully one of them will be able to curb stomp the stunned blood sucker!

The Vampire warlord weathers the storm and remains on his feet. The body count starts to skyrocket as the warbands tear into each other. Both bands need to take moral checks but their blood is up and both bands pass the check and continue to tear each other limb from limb.

Macca only needs to roll 3's to hit. He He!
 Its Turn 6 and I decide to go all in and charge in anyone not in combat as there is simply no one left to shoot at.

Crazy Joe makes a desperate charge at the Necromancer and if he can pull him down and Grim and co can stay in the game I should JUST win.

The wizard refuses to fall and Macca removes Crashhart with his final roll of the die.

A final measure if any remaining figures results in a draw with both of us having 3 figures within 6" of the wyrd stone find.



Grim staggered into the shell of the abandoned cottage under his burden. The burnt out cottage their tempory refuge after fighting the undead to a stand still at the wyrd stone find near the North river gate. He had the unconsciense "Cairo" drapped over his shoulder, the human's hands and feet still dragging along the ground due to the diminative statue of the Dwarf. Crazy Bob glanced up as the Troll Slayer entered. At any other time he would have found the scene hilarious,but at any other time he would not be standing over the body of Wild Eyed Joe, his former partner in crime!

He had told the crazy bastard to stay well away from the action until his chest wound finally healed. He should have known once the red mist decended Joe would have gone all "Wild Eyed" and pitched into the thick of the fight, despite the gaping wound in his chest.

Bob bent over his best mate and reached out and closed his wildly staring eyes for the last time. "Rest in peace you crazy bastard" he intoned as he set the body alight. No way the "Rotters" were feasting on, or resurrecting his old brother in arms!

"The Arab fought like the Devil himself but he won't be such a hit in the Sultans Harim's any more!" said Grim. He gently lowered the Arab to the ground, it looked like one of the ghouls had tried to make a meal of Cairo's face before Grim and "Bob" had scared it away. Cairo would recover but his face would never be the same again.

The survivors of the battle gathered around the broken form of Crashhart. His breaths were sharp and shallow as flecks of blood escaped from his lips during every painful bout of coughing. They all knew it was bad. Crashhart was unable to speak but the stare from his remaining eye implored his compainions to help him.

Up until now Eric had been the quiet lad at the back, shy around the Black Pit settlement whores and easily forgotten and left behind by his peers on more then one occasion. The war band was at the point of disintergration, he could feel it in the air. Something had to be done to stop this.... NOW!

Eric swore loudly and pushed his way to the front of the group, the sudden loud expletive making Spook jump. "What is this prick but a stupid haircut, some exceptionaly fine trousers and a thrusting crotch?" Eric demanded while pointing at Crashhart.

The others looked at each other and shrugged. "Bob" was about to protest but truth be told even she was getting fed up with "Swifty". She guessed the old saying was true, 'you should never meet your idols'.

With a mad glint in his eye Eric unsheathed his knife and before anyone could protest to stop him, began sawing along Crashharts hairline with his knife, scalping the feebly kicking and mewing former leader. Eric straightened up holding Crashharts golden locks in his hand. "Right we can get this made into a wig! Now someone strip this ponce of his garments and if I have to act like a moron and stick my crutch in the face of any maidens that approach I will!"

"Theres one more thing" Red said, stepping forward and unbuckling his mace, "Someone might still recognise the body". Crashhart focused his eye on Red his look impeaching Red for mercy. "This is for abandoning me in New Haven you bell end!" Red screamed as he caved in Crashharts face with his mace!

"Right gather up the wyrd stone and wounded and lets get out of here before the fire attracts unwanted attention" said Eric their new leader.

As they exited the ruin, Red exchanged glances with Crazy Joe, Archie, Jeffery Archer and Rags. "We are the last of the 1st Lustrians. Looks like we have become an endangered species!" Archie looked up from the remains of Crashhart with a wry smile on his lips "Well I don't care how endangered a species we are I'm not entering a breeding programme with you ugly mutts!"

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