Sunday, 1 February 2015

Grim Ironjaw. three birds, one stone

A psychopathic Nutcase, with a death wish .... Perfect!

"Where is he?" Red asked as he walked into the dilapidated Roadhouse.

The Inn keeper just grunted and jerked his head towards the snoring, mass of orange hair in the corner.

As Red approached the dank corner the smell of booze, stale sweat, pig grease and troll was almost overpowering.

They had all agreed.......

Only a psychopathic, nutcase, with a death wish would ever want to join their band after word got out of their first two debacles into Mordheim!

And then it struck them..... a Troll slayer!

And for 25 gold coins this 4 foot, pissed up, morose, ginger haired, bundle of bad intentions was THEIR Troll slayer......................... now all they had to do was try and get him sober for their next mission!

Presenting Grim Ironjaw.

To be honest after all the plastic I have been painting for Mordheim I was desperate to get my hands back on some nicely sculpted lead.

This fella helps me kill 3 birds with 1 stone. Namely;

1) my Troll slayer for Mordheim,
2) my entry into the Oldhammer "I have never...." thread. In my case this was I have never painted a Dwarf! I know the shame of it!
3) He's another member of the "Greenstreak ooligans".

He has been sitting in the lead pile for nearly a year now and I loved the look of this fella the second I set my eyes on him. The good news is the miniature did not disappoint when it finally arrived thorugh the post. Why couldn't ALL GW miniatures be produced to this quality?

This has to one of my favourate miniatures of all time. I just hoped my paint job can did it justice!

 One more down. 386 to go!


  1. Replies
    1. cheers mate. not quite as big as your giant!

  2. No his not, but with hair like that who cares!
    Tempted to go through the shed and dig a slayer out to give it a go...

  3. Doing it, found him and waiting for primer to dry. I'm sure he will be appearing in blog soon...

    1. good choice!

      LOVED painting this fella!

  4. So far so good... Not sure about the glossy purple trousers though!


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