Monday, 7 July 2014

Vulture warriors from Dimension X. Algae World garrison

Once again my son had me up at silly 0' clock last Sunday.

Before we went hunting for Gruffalos I set the little sod to work on a little project of mine.

Many, Many moons ago (White dwarf 112 to be exact) an article was published in White Dwarf called "vulture warriors from dimension X"

At the time I could not afford the miniatures needed to play the game............ but I can now!

This is a game I have been waiting nearly 20 years to play so I wanted to do it properly.

First up I needed a Garrison building.

First up I blew up the floor plans provided in the article using a standard Photocopier. I will attach the plans to this blog at a later date. These were stuck inside some cardboard boxes.

Next I needed 12 paper cups. A quick visit to the local Coffee shop, the purchase of a grande skinny Latte and a big smile from the boy and we are golden.

Little fella is sent into the garden with a can of Army Painter Grey primer, 12 paper cups and 3 card board boxes............. this can only go well!

Next I go on Google images and fire up Photoshop. 20 minutes later I end up with these

Once again I will post the sheet on a later post.

Just as I finish this the little fella walks in pleased as punch. Thankfully he is only wearing an old pair of trainers (they will have to disappear before the misses wakes up).

A bit of scissor work and some some PVA glue and voila

Next we cut up some cereal boxes and out comes the prit sticks.

Add some bases and the doors from my Old Space Hulk game and we have blast doors.

Another 30 minutes of glueing and we have one Algae world barracks ready to go.

a barracks any Ork would be proud of!

Not bad for a mornings work!

P.S. we found our Gruffalo

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