Sunday, 27 July 2014

Augusts painting "Shelf"

So this could be my last blogging for a while as I will have the builders in most of the summer. I will try to blog when I can but I think I will have two chances - slim and none.

The good news is I should be able to crack on with the painting while we are away.

Here is August's painting "shelf"

Last months prioities were;

 drummer and 3 hand gunners

Finishing off the 2 gunmages and the Vanguard.

If I get a chance I have promised my brother I will make a start on his Viking Bloodbowl team and Stannis is looking tempting.

7 miniatures

Secondary targets;
3 miniatures"

The good news is I finished off the Warhammer drummer and 9 hand gunners (including Nathan ). I finished off one Warmachine Gun mage but got distracted by 1980's Imperial gruardmen so never got to finish off the Mage or the Vanguard.

This Months prioities are;

Standard bearer

Last Gun mage
Van Guard
Magnus and

Secondary targets
Everything else in the box

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