Saturday, 12 July 2014

On me 'Ed son. Retribution ding dong part 2

Had some time to spare after work so contacted the Mini Empire to see if any one was up for a pick up game.

Unfortunately only Ed put his hand up. I've got to be honest it was before 6:30pm so I would only get 2 hours on the parking ticket. Would it be enough?

Ed already had 25 points on the table so 25 points it is. That 2 hour parking permit was looking really shakey.

Army List
Mule (marshalled to Gun mage Capt)
Gun Mage Capt
Gun Mages
Alexia and the Risen.

 I honestly had no idea what Ed was fielding and had no time to really find out.

There is always one looking the wrong way!
We were playing some sort of senario game. I was trying to concentrate but to be honest all I really caught was, don't be less then 14" from the table edge and the bit in the middle is important.

My Mages end up in the forest, once again with quicken on them. Alexia creates a Thrall as something called a "Mage hunter" is creeping down my left flank (and thats never good)

The Mules grab the edge of the objective and prepare to blast the first pointy ears to enter the killing field back to Ios (hopefully in lots of pretty pieces).

typical! The only non finished mini takes centre stage!

Ed is much more cautious with his approach towards the objective.

Ed sends out his Jack with the Arc node. Thankfully I have played against Magnus and his Renegades several times now so I make sure I keep Gorman between the two.

I figure now is the time! I bring Ashlynn forward and pop my Feat. Ashlynns target is the Elf solo giving his army immunity to blast damage. A boosted hit and its goodbye immunity!

I open up with my Mules and Mages and lay waste to Ed's right flank. I go critical crazy and show that Elves don't always need wings to fly.

Gorman Hits the Arc Jack with Acid (in retrospect it should have been oil). I also charge in another thrall to try to stop Ed arcing any more spells through his Jack.

Ed's LOS
Ed runs in his Mage Hunter and leaves him dangling there like a low hanging fruit. At Lano's suggestion I read the card and see why. The crafty sod!

I continue to pile the pressure on Ed's caster with my right flank.

peek a boo!
I use Ashlynn's parry ability to move out of combat and hope to hunt down Ed's caster next turn. Ed has played very defensively so far and has been retreating since the Feat turn.

With his forces crumbling about him Ed goes for the Hell Mary pass. I have got to admit this completely wrong footed me.

Ed brings his caster forward and goes spell crazy with his focus. Two obliterator spells later and its all over for Ashlynn and the Retribution are victorious!!

What a game! Ed pulls the game out of the bag with a last gasp effort and wins the game with 3 focus to spare. Cracking game and all over with 5 minutes left on the parking ticket, now thats close!

1) Alexia is a fun unit to play but to be used to her full advantage she needs to be in the middle of the carnage gathering corpses. She missed two free strikes which could have been really telling on the game. If she had had the risen spare to boost the attack who knows.

2) Alexia's Arcane disruption will be a nightmare for opponents if I learn how to use her properly. I should have run her up the first two turns to get her in the middle of the action rather then creating Thralls which achieved very little.

3) I should not leave my Caster open regardless of how my opponent is playing. A one eyed mole would have seen the opening I left Ed and he fully deserved the win with that last all or nothing roll of the die.

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