Saturday, 19 July 2014

Limited Edition Spack Hulk. The Reboot

This Thursday Alister and I finally had a chance to meet up. I had managed to bury my blood bowl teams under a ton of stuff I had to move out of the loft and Al did not fancy Warmachine so we were stuck for ideas. 

Then he mentions in a off hand manner "I do have a copy of the limited edition Space Hulk GW brought out in 2009!"

I have a quick look on Ebay and they are going for about £250!!!!

Do I want to play? To right I do!!

8:30 ish P.M. and Al reveils..............

Yes it MINT, and I mean REALLY MINT!

Al confesses (a little sheepishly) that hes only played it once since buying it in 2009 and most of the figures are still on the spurs!

By comparrison my version of the original Space Hulk looks likes it was used as a battering ram during the boarding of "the sin of damnation"!

Eagerly I flick through the rule book and apart for a few subtle changes (screw you GW and your sustained fire bonus for over watch!) the core of the game is very familiar.

As its only Al's second ever game we go for mission one "Suicide"

Once I see the Genestealers figures I am only going to play one faction

look at all the pretty genies

The sculpts for both factions look amazing. Especially compared to the versions which come out with the original. Man the early GW plastics were shit!

strike a pose.......theres nothing to it................vogue

Al starts as the fascist boot boys of humanity and forms an orderly conga into the first room.

check those corners.........check those corners!

The Genies now get two blips per turn and I race down the corridor towards the Blood Angels.

Al makes the mistake of not using all his command points which stalls out his dispersal, so I rush forward my first wave while sneaking the second unit round the marines rear.

even unpainted they look great

The lead Marine goes postal on the nearest Genies but it costs Al all his command points and creates a bottle neck for the rest of the marines. 

In this mission movement is life!

Al loses his first Marine to close combat and I rush in the Genestealers to really put the pressure on.

3D coming at yer
The Marine sergeant leads from the front and wipes out two Genies, then in another twist on the original goes into "guard", basicially during my turn the marine gets to reroll the melee die if he wants to (screw you GW and your guard bonus for over watch!).

The flamer Marine finally gets to go to town with the flamer and kills three genies.

The Sergeant manages to draw 5 rounds of combat thanks to the +1 modifier to combat and being "on guard", then Al gets greedy and goes for the killing blow on a drawn combat. To be honest I want him to win as the Genestealer only has one action point left and I want him dead to allow a fresh Genie to join the fray.

A reroll of one means goodnight Sergeant Major!

The remaining Gene Stealers rush in to finish the job.

In the finest tradition of the space marines Al makes a desperate last stand but I have weight of numbers and as I am rushing in from several directions. Al is unable to stem the tide and his Marines are slaughtered where they stand!

they're coming out of the God damned walls!

This game brought back so many memories and what a cracking set of figures and board tiles. 

I can see how this has become a bit of a holy grail for Space Hulk players and can not wait for Al to carefully crack open the box again!

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