Sunday, 8 December 2019

Sunday night fights; Dreadfane.

"She's behind you!"

This Sunday Shaggy and I cracked open Dreadfane.

I was a bit miffed when I bought this in eBay and then GW released the warbands anyway.

I paid a little over the odds for it but now I have played it I am more then happy with my purchase.

More after the cut.

First thing which is new (apart from the one piece board) is the 'hazard' cards.

I'm not sure if the board is smaller but the action certainly seems a lot more 'in your face'.

It was certainly a night of 'crits' or misses!

The hazard cards can really tip the balance.

not good for Stormcasts!

Both warbands are really hard hitting and it's no coincidence that both warbands are making an appearance on the competitive scene.

I can imagine the 'Mournflight' being particularly filthy with some upgrades!

The miniatures are also posed well and paint up a dream!

I do love the movement in the Mournflight.

I take the first game 10 glory to 6.

The game took 30 minutes from beginning to end. Part of this is due to our familiarity with the rules but even so this was quick!

Game 2.

The Stormcasts usually get first turn and can kill a Basnshee a strike (if they hit), this made the Stormcast feel overpowered initially . . . .

. . . .But the Mournflight are no slouches and as soon as the Condemnors loose a fighter they struggle to score objectives.

You can almost hear 'Lady Harrow' below laughing at my Stormcast when they missed this activation!

Shaggy took the next two games and the best of three.

So Dreadfane . . . . . Two thumbs up.

A cracking game and expansion to the Underwords game in general.


  1. Love the hazard cards adds a nice randomness to the game. I can see GW used the idea of the pre made decks from this into Beastgrave and there nicely balanced as well.

    1. I agree I like the old 'rouge trader' vide to the randomness of the hazards, not sure I would appreciate this as much during a competition game but it's a nice touch.
      You can definitely see where this is the evolutionary step between Nightvault and Beastgrave. I think this game is going from strength to strength!


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