Thursday, 12 December 2019

Lady Harrow's Mournflight

Despite an unrelenting work schedule I have managed to get the mournflight finished.

More after the cut.

First up Lady Harrow herself.

Rather then going with an ethereal feel I have decided to use burial shrouds as my prime inspiration with the corset etc. being physical items animated by the spirit trapped inside.

This led to some pretty simple colour choices.

Next up 'The Screaming Maiden'.

I really think the sculptors have nailed these poses.

Next up 'The Widow Caitha'.

And last but never least 'The Anguished one'.

I really like the way this warband plays especially the way they can fly through opponents to stab them in the back is very thematic.

They also hit like a truck.

A welcome addition to my Underworlds warbands.

Three warbands to go and their all finished!


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