Tuesday, 13 February 2018

WHF 1800pts. My 'Heralds of Change' take to the field.

Last Sunday Lee and I threw down with our armies for RiotvilleLIVE! 2018.

I have basically gone with the contents of a 'Slaves to Darkness starter set' while Lee has gone with a really nicely assembled 'combined arms' force of the Empire.

I win the first turn and march forward aggressively to close with the Imperial forces and reduce the carnage from the Imperial gunline.

This is where I made my first mistake as my 'Lord' was a level 4 wizards with a plethora of blasty spells, unfortunately I ranked him up on the wrong side and he was unable to see any one to blast away at through the forest!!

You might also notice that thanks to the Imperial 'Hell cannon' my Chariot is no longer on the table!

Thankfully the next turn I do get the charge in on the Steam tank which means I get a round of combat in before it can retaliate.

But it does mean I am counter charged by both units of Imperial Knights!

Thankfully my 'Chaos Armour' and ward save allows me to take the brunt of the charge and keep standing!

On my right my flanking forces continue bolting forward. This does cause one of Lee's units of Handgunners to flee the table.

Back in the centre my Chaos Warriors have not only taken the brunt of TWO Imperial Knight charges BUT have also managed to cause one unit to flee!

However I cannot dispatch the Tank and it's constant grinding causes my Warriors to flee in the next movement phase!!

Thankfully they out run the pursuing Imperial general!

In a very deft move Lee flees with his Greatswords away from my charging Knights. Unable to make the charge or redirect they are forced to bolt forward from their cover and are suddenly staring down the barrels of the Imperial 'Hell Blaster'!!

Lets just say 'it did not go well'!!

Back in the centre my Lord manages to rally and finally gets to unleash his blasty spells. The Imperial General disappears in a puff of blue smoke and then my Lord turns his attention the bloody Hell blaster . . . . . . .

 . . . . . Of course I missed!!!!! . . . . . .

. . ., . and now my Lord is staring down the barrels of the Hell Blaster!!


Somehow my Lord manages to survive the cannonade of shot but with my Shrine unable to damage the Imperial Tank and the rest of my forces blasted to small pieces and scatted about the battle field I decide to throw in the towel and Lee is declared the easy victor!

In other news Lano unveiled the 'Lost Island' we would all be contesting this summer.

Looks the absolute business!!


  1. Don't you just hate Hellblaster Volley guns, but love the map from Lano, look forward to following the battles :-)

    1. It appears most of the Armies turning up to Riotville LIVE! 2018 are gun lines!

      I have horrible feeling there are going to be a lot of Shooty units on the day!


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