Sunday, 11 February 2018

Countdown to Armageddon . . . . .

So this Thursday is Sheduled for Armageddon!!

With that in mind I decided to finish up my bases for my Ork Warband ah well as assemble together the bits I have painted terrain wise.

Here is my leader 'Nobbie' with 'Klunker' and 'Spike'.

The rest of the 'ladz', from left to right; 'Grunt', 'John ConnOrk', 'Frangk', 'Old boy' and 'Kronkie'.

Finally some terrain shots.

I might get one more bit of terrain finished before Thursday but time will tell as I am now up to my eye's with Chaos Warriors.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks man. I will be going up against toughness 5, Chaos Space Marines so I have the horrible feeling it will be a hiding for nothing!!

  2. Looking dead good Riot, both miniatures and terrain :-)

    1. Thanks man. It was a fun little diversion but now I need to concentrate on finishing up my army for riotville 2018!


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