Monday, 19 February 2018

1800 point WHF throw down and some Shadespire

With Lano and Phil away kicking arse at a Warmachine comp Lee and I decided to be Gentlemen and play WHF 8th instead ;0)

Once again we met up at 'The Ilford wargaming group' and set the table with our forces for Riotville LIVE!
Somehow we ended up on completely different sides of the field!

Lee's massed left flank.

Desperate to stop the rushing forward of Lee's forces I flee with my Chaos hounds when they are charged.

This results in the hounds being flushed from cover and gunned down but at least the Knights have only stumbled forward a few inches.

My magic phase proves quite successful and I start to nick wounds off the Steam tank with my blasty spells.

Next turn I charge in with my Chaos Knights and reform my block of infantry to face Lee's rapidly advancing forces.

Lee's toughness and armour save keeps the tank in the fight and I am forced to commit my Chariot and Chaos shrine to the melee.

The rest of Lee's army continue to advance but I am content to bunker down behind the shelter of the inn and continue to blast away with spells!

The tank continues to 'grind' away at my engaged forces.

Going to have to work harder at 'channeling' the thing in future games to keep it out of the fight!

With the turns ticking away Lee prepares to charge.


I get off 'miasma' and then throw three dice at a nothing spell with my Chaos lord . . . . .

YEP . . . I miscast!!!

My Chaos Lord disappears into the warp and the massive explosion decimates my block of Chaos Knights . . . . . All for a minus one leadership on the Imperial Knights!!!!!

At least I get the Imperial Knights to flee but Lee cannot stop giggling!

Then in Lee's shooting phase he takes some pot shots at my Warriors with his crossbows.

My warriors are flying the 'blasted standard'. As long as I don't roll a one the strength of the hits is halved . . . . . YEP rolled a one and the strength of the hits is DOUBLED!

Now Lee is really laughing.

Now Lee has a pop with his Hell blaster. Surely I won't roll another one . . . . . Of course I do and don't call me Shirley!!

As Lee wipes the tears of laughter from his eyes I reach forward and shake his hand to declare him the winner . . . I just can't take any more!!!!!

With my pitiful forces of Chaos packed away we set up for Shadespire.

Lee has created his own deck and I have decided to field the Sepulchral Guard.

With lots of bodies on the field there is much hacking and slashing.

Lee charges forward with his three big hitters.

The battle for objective one becomes a real 'back and forth' affair.

Despite the carnage I manage to keep my Warden out of trouble and continue to resurrect my fallen to jam the centre of the board.

Despite both Targor and Karsus falling to the blows of my Skeletons Lee walks (limps) away the winner of game one ten to eight!

Game two is a short, sharp affair with Lee looking to be aggressive from the off.

Making use of the Wardens abilities to move multiple skellies and various speed buffs I am able to shuffle forward and swamp the Reavers crashing up my right flank.

From the second turn my card draws just get better and better and the Reavers start to fall leaving Garruk isolated deep within my board half.

With a final play of the power cards I am able to surge deep into Reaver territory and secure objective two against all odds.

This see's me walk away the winner of game two ten glory to five!

With everything in the balance and IWG starting to wrap up Lee gives me a lift back to my place and we set up for the decider.

I must say at this point that Lee walked into my frount room to find my wife watching 'Dexter' and her finger tips wrapped in tin foil.

She claims it was some sort of nail treatment but I could tell Lee was not so sure ;0)

With the mind games in full effect we start round three!

With us both more aware of each others objectives the game is much more cagey.

Bold moves will be needed to wrong foot our opponent.

Somehow my Petitioner and Garrek end up in a grudge match with my 'Demonic weapon' armed  Petitioner charging in . . . . getting his head caved in  . . . . . and then being resurrected . . . .

 . . . . .  again . . . . . .

 . . . . and again. . . . . .

 . . . . . and again. . . . . .

 . . . . . and again. . . . . !!!!!!!!

In the final turn I get fed up of trying to dispatch Garrek . . .  and Lee gets REALLY fed up of the bloody petitioner being brought back so I charge forward with my Warden and dispatch Karsus.

Lee charges forward with Targor and beheads my Petitioner to stop me claiming Objective 4 next turn.

Despite being unable to claim objective four I still manage to take the win with the final reveal of the Objective cards!!

A top day of gaming and I also really enjoyed using the Skellies in Shadespire. If I get a chance to make it to HATE this Wednesday they might get another run out.

Games have been like buses this half term . . wait ages for one and then loads come along at once ;0)


  1. Good stuff and glad too see you managed to get to ilford for some gaming. Need to get overthere again :)

  2. That was a busy day, Shadespire looks interesting, how long does a game last?

    1. shadespire takes about 30 min a leg. maybe an hour for a best of three.

  3. I can see why the gods of chaos abandoned you.....round bases in fanatasy tut tut ;)
    If you need a tray to hold a unit of round bases I have 2 you can borrow if it helps..

    1. That explains EVERYTHING!!!!!!

      Thanks mate but I have the square bases and the movement trays. The plan is to paint the miniatures and bases seperate and then glue together . . . well that's the plan ;0)

  4. You roll like I do. Awful mate, just awful.

    Those Skellies look top notch ingame! Making me more and more interested in it.

    1. My piss poor deployment and painfully slow repositioning did not help either! The ogres are a must more forgiving force to play with.
      I must admit I am really pleased with how the skellies look on the board.


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