Monday, 22 May 2017

Path to Glory. Tzeentch Vs Papa Nurgle

Just a quick battle report of a Path to Glory skirmish Anthony and I managed to squeeze in after our 'Blood in the Badlands' game last Sunday (that battle report to follow!).

As you can see above I still need to Finish off 'Grundog the Shunned' and my new Chosen of Chaos but on the whole the warband are coming together nicely.

Nurgle are happy to stand back in the opening turns and have me advance into the diseased jaws of death.

Then in a quick counter strike smash into my Chaos hounds!

The battle is fast and furious and despite pulling down two Beastmen my hounds bolt for the back table edge and will not take any further part in the battle.

Nurgle are about to learn fear of the 'Blue fires of Tzeentch' when both his Minotaur and a unit of Beastmen disappear in flashes of incandescent warp fire!

In order to stop any more direct damage spells, Nurgle charge into my forces!

My Ogre is also mob stomped when the Nurgle Chosen flank charges him after over running my Chaos hounds.

In one of the strangest combats Anthony and I have ever witnessed both our units of Chaos Warriors fail to cause any wounds on each other and then my warriors decide to flee despite not suffering a single casualty (on leadership eight!!), just because they were charged!

In order to save face before the eyes of the Chaos Gods Scarblade the Immortal stands ready with his bodyguard to face the Nurgle charge. . . . . .

. . . . but Scarblade is deserted by his gods and my entire Warband is wiped out!!

The battle was fast and furious and Anthony earned twelve favour points thanks to the massacre of my warband!

I only earned 6 favour points in return so will not be expanding my warband any time soon!


  1. Dear Lord fella, bad luck, that was brutal but sounds like the dice gods were being rather fey :-)

    1. Games of PTG are always quick and brutal affairs!

      Today it was my turn to feel the displeasure of the dark gods.


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