Friday, 19 May 2017

Gun smoke at the Creative Biscuit, South Woodford

Busy night at the Creative Biscuit last Thursday

There was our first outing of Guildball . . . . .

Once again we had folks trying to survive 'The Dead of Winter' . . . . . .

And Macca had his first taste of 'Legends of the Old West' . . . . . .

Also here is a close up on one of the recently finished TT scenic buildings which I ordered at Salute.

My painting skills can not match the paint jobs I have seen online and my efforts always look a bit too 'toyey' (is that even a word?), as shown by the Saloon and carriage above.

For this reason I pulled out some scenery stuff from the 'cupboard of shame ' and got busy with the super glue.

After a happy half hour (probably due to the fumes) and 30 odd minutes with the brush I ended up with this. . . . . .

Much happier with the result and the rest of the buildings will probably get the same treatment.

All in all a top night at the Biscuit and looking forward to the 15th of June!


  1. Looks like a fun night at a brilliantly named club, you're sherrif's gaol looks great :-)

    1. It was a really good night with lots of faces in attendance.
      Personally I think the Gaol looks a lot better with the added touches and feel it was well worth the effort.

  2. It looks like you are all having a wonderful time. Seeing that stagecoach at the top of the post, I was instantly transported back to my youth and reminded of the Timpo toys that my Grandmother would let us play with when we visited.

    1. Funilly enough when I first painted the stagecoach I thought 'Timpo'. I guess thats why I thought it looked 'toyey'.

      Even though it gives me a fuzzy feeling personally I like my stuff to look more 'real' but it more then sufficent as it is for my needs.

  3. What's Guildball play like? Recommend it mate?

    1. It's very obviously developed by fella's who worked for privateer press. My first impression was 'it's just different enough not to get sued by Warmachine.'

      It's better then Bloodbowl for 'pick-up' games but BB is better in campaign mode by a country mile!


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