Sunday, 14 May 2017

Legends of the Old West. Good guys wear black.

Finished up the last of my Lawmen for my brother yesterday.

Here are 'The long arms'.

Once again they are Black Scorpion efforts and are a collection of their 'Earps', 'Tombstone' and 'Sheriff' ranges.

And once again I think they look the business considering they are only ink washed and line edged.

Speaks volumes about the quality of the sculpts!

Kris' deputation stands at six miniatures but I have painted up seven just in case.

Also have a 'lynching' planned for the game Thursday at the Creative Biscuit so I need up to a dozen towns folk to get in the way during the shootout.

For that reason the two below got an hour with the brushes.

Both are Foundry efforts. They are old skool 28mm which means they are much smaller then the heroic scale miniatures but their smaller statue fits with their 'diminutive' stature so it all works out.

Now the numbers

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 142

Miniatures bought 95
371 miniatures to go!


  1. looking good. If you have any more to paint you should do a step by step on how you painted these.

    1. Thanks mate.
      Method is pretty simple.
      1) block colour
      2) ink wash
      3) edge highlight.
      Job done ;0)

  2. Brilliant! DMH Earps are in black but then so are my bad guys!

  3. I'm really enjoying this project, fabulous new additions.

    1. Thank you. It is really surprising how quickly everything is falling into place.

  4. Smashing painting, as usual, Riot, and as Michael above said, great project. Its certainly grabbed my imagination :-)

    1. Funnily enough it has sparked a bit of interest with my gaming group so there may be more posse's appearing soon.

  5. So many manly moustaches! I approve! ^_^

    Great work mate. Your brother is getting a sweet looking team.

    1. I agree. It's starting to look like a Tom Selleck convention around here!!


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