Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Out of the blue, finally some painting time!! Titan forge Ogres and Dire Wolves

Had an amazing surprise this morning when the wife informed me she was heading into work during the Easter break, THEN told me that the kids had a 2 hour cycling course starting at ten o' clock just down the road. . . . . . I would have the place to myself for nearly two hours!!

Only one thing for it. . . . Out come the paints. . . . . .

Then as I drop off the kids my brother texts to see if he can take my son out for the day!!

That means I will only have to keep one child occupied during the afternoon . . . . and she is really into her arts and crafts. . . . . . Could a whole day painting be on the cards?

After dropping the kids off at the cycling course and bombing home I run up the stairs to the office so fast I nearly pulled a hamstring!

I decided that the order of the day was to finish off a load of base coloured and washed miniatures from my winter painting.

First up was this gorgeous (?!?) Titan forge Ogre.

His hand got a replacement ironfist so he ranked up better within a unit of bulls.

I really am becoming a fanboy of the Titan forge brand and fully recommend them!

Their miniatures are reasonably priced for an independant brand and always worth visiting during 'Black Friday'. 

Second up is a Ogre Bull 'bellower' from GW. A real simple colour scheme was used to keep things quick.

Not as nice as the Titan forge miniature but a solid, quality miniature. GW miniatures are just bulletproof!

Munchkin also finished up her art project and brought it out for the photo's!

Where would I be without Starbucks for art and craft supplies?
 With the bit between my teeth I also finished up another four Titan forge Dire wolves.

These needed some green stuff to fill the gaps. At least it was a chance to practise my sculpting. Can you spot the join?

Like to think this will be the last thing several miniatures will see as they are charged by my Direwolves during Mordheim or 'Path to Glory'.

And a final shot of the two Ogres together.

I have not been completely idle over the last two months and have been steadily listing a ton of unloved plastic on eBay since Febuary.

As a consquence another 60 miniatures have departed to better homes.

Had to be honest with myself and admit I was NEVER going to finish or use any of the LOTR miniatures I had horded. 

I had tried to get some finished but the truth was the plastic miniatures are pigs to paint! How can I excuse the time needed to paint the pigs when there are just so many other miniatures out there which are a pleasure to paint?

Now the numbers
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 91

Miniatures bought 16 due to new Mordheim campaign, Riotville live! and Paths to Glory.
389 miniatures to go! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. titan forge might just be my new favourate producer.

  2. Excellent stuff Riot, I especially like the flower, fab :-)

    1. Thanks man but I can't take any credit for the flower except for emptying the cup of coffee ;0)

  3. What gaps!?
    All new additions look great mate.
    Congrats on the clear out too, wish I had the patience to do similar... so many unloved projects needing new homes.

    1. Thanks.

      The clear out is a necessary evil otherwise I just find myself being disheartened by the amount of unpainted / semi finished crap I own.

      At least I am getting better at not buying new stuff!


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