Sunday, 9 April 2017

Could we be back in action?

This might be a false dawn but I think I am back in action.

Back on the 25th of March I managed to get in a game of WHF (8th) against Lano's High Elves. . . .

Battle report (finally) after the break!

With me losing my regular Sunday gaming slot due to Mothers day on the Sunday I headed down to RAW Wargaming in Hornchurch to meet up with the lads.

Lano was in attendance and we decided to lock horns over 2000 points of WHF.

The table is set.

We both go with a strong right flank.

The difference between Lano and I at this point was my complete faith in my Gnobblers holding my left flank!

Knowing my left is secure I storm ahead with the majority of my Ogre horde.

Lano tries some shernanigans by hiding behind a forest with his chariot but my Iron Blaster ends this game of cat and mouse abruptly! 

My Gnobblers taunt the flower of the Elven cavalry into charging!

"Come and have a go if you think your 'ard enough!!"

Turns out their not and they scamper past my Gnobblers! 


Unfortunately for Lano this leaves the Elf mage within striking distance of a good roll for my 'Hell heart'.

My Fire belly gobbles down the hell heart and causes all sorts of bedlam to Lano's magic phase.

This stops him casting some sort of spell which would have caused me an absolute knightmare!!

Obviously upset Lano pitches his Sky chariot thing into my Ogre Bulls.

With the Elven Cavalry mired due to the failure to cast their spell they are charged in the flank by my Ironguts.

To add insult to injury I also roll a ten in the charge to gain the boosted Ogre charge!

The pointy eared pansies didn't know what hit them!

Lano's Sky chariot bounces off my Bulls so Lano tries again with his Spearmen (Spearelves?)

My Ironguts continue to merrily rip the Elven cavalry to pieces.

With the heart of his force ripped out Lano conceeds the field and I do my little dance round the room!!

Lano is starting to feel like my Ogres are going to be the 'bogey men' of his High Elves as he just seems to have an absolute mare when playing against them.

I have to admit that makes me quite happy ;0)


  1. Look at you, getting the win!

    You know what would look even better, those gnoblars getting painted. I'm sure they squeel their jealousy at their pretty ogre pals over this! :P

    1. But painting them now will curse them!!!

      Isn't it enough that they know their my favourates?!?

    2. You're right Riot, they have to remain brown to maintain their brilliance ;-)

    3. See Dai, Daxio understands not to break the magic! ;0)


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