Saturday, 5 November 2016

Warhammer Fantasy. The Battle of a thousand cuts

The end of half term saw Lano (the smiling assassin) and I lock horns as my Empire forces took on his High Elves.

This battle happened over a week ago and I have had a week of work since then so some of the details are going to be a bit fuzzy.

The battlefield is set.

I decide to have my mounted forces take the centre of the field. My spears form up behind. The plan is to have the barded Knights with their 1+ save shield the more vunerable spears.

Against my better judgement I also take two cannons. I figure I need to get the practise in and who knows one day I might actually hit something!

I also form up a gun line on my left flank. Trouble was I had no room left in the centre and I did not want them getting into a snowball fight they could not win with the Elven archers. Hopefully they could turn the exposed left flank into a killing field.

Lano won first turn and charged his Fire Phoenix into my militia! . . . .

and the two best painted units clash early in the game!

If only briefly; as my Militia are quickly destroyed.

The charge by the Elven chariot yields similar results on my cannon crew.

My hand gunners think "Fuck all this!" and bolt for the back table edge.

And there goes my left flank!

A Demigryph falls to the concentrated bow fire.

Lano pulls his forces back to subject my forces to at least another volley of bow fire.

Then against ALL expectations my Cannon sitting out on the right flank enfilades the Elven forces attacking my right flank and destroys the Chariot and Phoenix!!!!!!!!!

No one is more surprised then me.

"How the fuck did we do that???????"

My Demigryphs finally get their claws into the Swordmasters of Hoeth.

My Knights are decimated by more bow fire.

Flush with their success my cannon crew target the remaining elven chariot. Surely it cannot happen again?

Of course it did and don't call me Shirley!!

To add insult to injury the bloody Phoenix does it's phoenix thing and returns!

But hang on.

There is a puff of smoke in the far distance. From across the field a cannonball arcs through the sky and hits the Phoenix square in the beak.

Yep my cannon is three for three!!!!!!!

Lano finally commits the bulk of his forces to the fight and charges in his Spears.

I have managed to see off the Swordmasters of Hoeth but it has cost me the majority of my Knights and Demigryphs!!

I am unable to inflict sufficent casualties and my Deamon slayers flee for the back table edge!

And thats game for Lano.

Completely outplayed this game. Lano used the terrain like a master and completely stifled my forces from the off.

But when all said and done the only thing that mattered to me was that my bloody cannon actually hit something!!!!!!


  1. Great game, but what a sight that Fire Phoenix is! Wow!

    1. If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times. . . . . That boy can paint!

  2. Yes, that Phoenix is quite a sight.

    Fun game to follow - sounds like HighElves scouted out the battlefield terrain prior to the action and were ready for everything you were bringing, aside of course from that cannon. :)

    1. Lano is an exceptional player. I only ever turn up expecting to learn something new, not win. As for the cannon this is the first time it has ever done anything useful. . . . . . EVER!


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