Sunday, 6 November 2016

So are Revell getting into Gorkamorka?

Found this image while doing a search for Gorka Morka trukks. . . . . .

What's really strange is that is lead me to the official European Revell Website


Which leads to their 'Warhammer Build and Paint' section of their website??????

So thats an Old skool Gorkamorka Trukk, Driver and gunner and 4 Ork Boyz, paintbrush, transfers and 3 paints for 20 Euros and I will probably be able to find it in Hobbycraft soon.

Anyone for some Gorka Morka?


  1. Well that will be a great result!

  2. I still have one of those old trukks hanging about somewhere...

    Gorkamorka was a tonne of fun - would be cool to see it come back.

    1. Never played the game but I love the anarchic nature of the rule books and fluff.

      It would be cool to see it come back.

    2. One of the fun rules I seem to remember was that if any model should physically fall off whilst the trukk is being moved about, then the fig is actually treated as such ingame! Chaos rules in the Orkish post apoc!

    3. Thats very true which I am sure led to lots of 'accidental' jogging of the table. I actually have a load of slim Gorkamorka bases in the bits box!


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