Thursday, 3 November 2016

Taking Mordheim inspiration . . . . . . From my work!

So back to work and working stupid hours. Up until half past midnight last night reading Students Statements for their upcoming consultations. As a school we are obligated to complete all their paper work within 15 days or we will end up with all sorts or wrong uns!

During half term I did go into work to collect some paper work and took the opportunity to take some pictures of the gorgeous old building I work in. . . . . .

The above picture is the corridor I walk down to get to my classroom.

Below is a picture of the exterior of one the building I work in.

Despite the Academy only being 3 years old it is situated in a building which was completed in 1865.

Below is a pic of the details of the exterior of the building.

Here is my walk to my classroom each morning.

Loads of Mordheim inspiration here.

It was originally built as a hospital for poor French Protestants and their desendants.

Despite being a secular School we have kept the Chapel with as many original details as possible.

A close up of the supporting rafters.

If you squint you can see my daughter hiding behind the banisters.

We are very constricted by the trustees  about what repairs and changes we can make, hence why the building is so beautifully maintained!

He is a view of the entranceway.

My kids love the building and go nuts in the corridors!

It was a Roman Catholic school for a long while before they moved sites due to maintenance costs. Many of the originl features survived including this beautiful altar.

Here is a view of the balcony overlooking the Chapel.

Even our Library is a sight to behold. My son often refers to it as 'Book heaven'!

Here are the chimney places.

A close up.

Here is the surviving fireplace opposite.

We have even managed to keep some of the original doors and panels.

The stained glass windows to the entrance are gorgeous!

As is some of the brick and tile work.

Here is a close up of the entranceway. Say what you like about the ridiculous working hours it certainly is a bit special walking through the door each morning regardless how stupidly early!

Here it the corner 'turret'. Anyone else feeling a bit Warhammery?

And of course we have a Gate house. I hope to replicate some of these details into buildings for my Mordheim terrain.

Especially this.

While at work I took a stroll over to Victoria park opposite to take some photos of the pargoda.

Despite the long hours not a bad place to work.


  1. Heavens, what an amazing place to work, you're surrounded by so much fantastic architecture, reminds me a bit of Leeds city library only far more impressive. You lucky fella :-)

    1. I am. I just wish I did not spend so many hours there!

  2. That has to make the job a little easier, what a stunning building.

    1. It certainly is. I do have a deep affection for the building.


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