Saturday, 24 September 2016

Warhammer Quest, Silver Tower. Trial of Ulgu

Once again a disparate group of reprobates gathered at the Creative Biscuit to further explore the Silver tower. This time they were joined from a blast from the past when Alister turned up after a 2 year hiatus.

He had been lost in a forset or some such!

The heros take a deep breath and plunge into the trial of Ulgu.

First tile revealed is the Ironspawn.

The Grots were easily dispatched and the Heros forge ahead into  . . . . . .

a strange laboratory.

This is a more fearsome fight but the Pink horror and Acolytes are finally wiped out.

As the heros wipe their blades clean and pause for breath they look around them and discover. . . . .

Everyone except Macca decides to have a go at mixing a potion. Some heros do better then others and Macca smiles smugly.

That is until he rolls the following die for his next set of die.

After downing their potions they explore the next chamber and the Grots are slaughtered.

The Heros then fail to answer a riddle from Tweak.

The heros enter the 'Sodden chamber'. This proves to be a nightmare as any discarded destiny dice trigger an 'unexpected event' if the rune marked player is in the chamber!

MUCH hacking and slashing is to follow!!!!

In a desperate bid to stop all the 'unexpected events' the rune marked player bundles into the next chamber, the 'Crystal junction' and is set upon by several Tzaangors!!

The rest of the Heros rally around the Knight Questor.

With a rush of blood to the head the Fyreslayer decides to plunge head first into the next chamber!

This is revealed to be the 'overwhelmed' chamber and is the final chamber of the trial.

Hordes of Grots scuttle forward and as each is hacked down it feels as though two rise to take their place!!

The denizens of the Silver Tower are finally brought low but as the heros look about the chamber of fresh cadavers it was discovered that the Necromancer had fallen during his first foray into the Silver Tower!!

This will be the last foray into the Silver Tower for a while as MK3 Warmachine has risen it's ugly head amoung the group and Macca and I have decided to cross swords over a game of SAGA next month.


  1. Looks and sounds like you had a good game, always good to see Quest alive and kicking, cheers Riot :-)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it.

      A great little hack and slash!

  2. Yep good game I actually managed to get moving and hacking. Cannot wait for Saga! Come on the dags of war and spud throwers.

    1. Already decided the battle report will be called 'The Dags of war' regardless if I win or lose.

      Cannot wait to unleash the mankini wearing berserkers!!


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