Monday, 26 September 2016

Inquisimunda: Incident at Pleasure Boulevard and shoot out at the Rookery

Incident at Pleasure Boulevard

Within the shadows of the brothel a young fop languished on his couch and enjoyed the company of the scented girls surrounding him.

His skull helmeted bodyguard looked on impassivelly if not a little disapprovingly and glanced out of the one way, armoured window of the bordello.

An armoured car with it's armed escort could be seen wading it's way thourgh the thronged boulevard. Few stopped to notice another armoured patrol of Dark Rangers protecting the  patrons of this tourist trap.

That is except a small purple clad security detatchment  that was spotted slulking through the shadowed alleyway running longside the main courseway.

The various pimps and dealers sensing the menace and competence of the stern faced men slinked further into the shadows of the doorways they were lurking in.

At the junction the men paused, just out of sight. The Dark Rangers passed by unaware they were being observed.

Suddenly a finely dressed Fop and his body guard stepped  out of the bordello into the bright lights of the Boulevard.

Just as the rest of his security detail step out of the sidestreets.

Reports are conflicted about who fired first but the Skull helmeted body guard is shredded by Heavy Bolter fire. Somehow the finely pantalooned fop is untouched by the hail of high velocity shells!

In an act of self defence the Fop charges forward . . . . and misses with both swings of his finely crafted weapons!!

From out of nowhere a tech priest charges out of the shadows and attempts to disable the armoured car with his bionic arm.

What could he possibly be trying to retrieve?

As the Fop finally gets his eye in and dispatches his assailants his mutant pet is distracted by a passing 'working girl' (he failed a leadership test within 2" of a lady of the night).

As gunfire ricochets across the causeway the patrons and workers scatter in panic, confused which way to go!

The purple clad attackers race back down the alley in a futile attempt to stop the armoured car.

In a desperate attempt to force the Dark Rangers to flee and leave their armoured car unattended the Fops warbands surge forward to lay waste to the Hives finest.

Following the example of his Lord, Grub the Ogryn rages forward and clubs about himself indiscriminately with his ripper gun!

The Tech Priest is dropped by gunfire as he attempts to line up another charge on the armoured car.

Deciding discretion is the better part of valour the survivors of Grub's charge fall back and drop him with concentrated lazgun fire.

A bulky, shotgun welding security officer charges into the exposed flank of the Dark Rangers. . . .

as the armoured car accelerates away and clears the warzone!

The two forces eye each other warily in a Mexican stand-off. Deciding they have made their point the Fop withdraws has security detail to the nearest house of disrepute.

Shoot out at the Rookery

Within the confines of the Rookery any desire can be bought or sold.

A local drug dealer is hawking his wears while being watched over by his thugs.

From opposite sides of the Rookery two bands warily approach the dealer.

The Dealer is used to seeing all sorts but even he double takes as the first group looms out of the shadows and the light glints off the metalwork of their skulls.

Without warning one of the tech worshipers fires a grenade into the approaching group of miners. 

If the shooter had any semblence of humanity left a wry smile would have spread across his lips at the carnage he caused with this one well aimed shot!

Reeling from the explosion the survivers scatter for the surrounding cover.

In a desperate attempt to protect his followers the bulbous headed leader knotted his brow in concentration as a wall of wyrdfire burst into existance between the warbands!

Frustrated that even their augmented eyes cannot pierce the unnatural combustion the Tech priests and their servants climb up to the overhead gantry.

In the confusion the panicking Drug dealer and his minions open fire on the approaching tech heads. . . .

and are massacred in the retaliatory gunfire .

Even the Ogryn hired muscle is no match for the perfected bionics of the Tech priest.

The Miners surge forward and the leader uses his wrydfire the cut the Tech worshipers from the rest of their warband!

Dangerously exposed on the gantry and cut off from their colleges the Miners open fire at close range to decimate the exposed techies.

The gantry becomes a killing ground and the metal becomes slick with the blood and oil of the slain!

Several tech laden followers of logic fail their initiative tests and plummet to the ground!

The machine god smiles upon them as they survive the fall and set upon an isolated Miner!

Despite this loss the Miners chase the worshipers of the Machine god from the field!

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + 

Back at the Boulevard the Young fop presses his finger against the microbead in his ear and a look of concern flashes across his effeminate face, briefly exposing the iron will contained within.

He catches Garibaldi's eye and flashes a series of hand signals across the room, causing his head of security to exit the room.

Outside he called the shamed mutant guide over to his side. "Here is a chance to redeem yourself in the grace of the eternal throne after your shameful display outside! The archotech inside the armoured car is now beyond our reach! Find the Xenos scum instead! We are hunting the Stealers!"


  1. Nice! Cool stories to read and pics to illustrate. I like that terrain mat - where's it from?

    1. The terrain mat was made by Neil with some textured wall paper, sand and some paint sprays. Looks the business!

  2. Awesome! Really looks like it was a good time!

    1. It was brill with much cursing at the die for failed ammo rolls.

      Can't wait for the next episode!

  3. Always great to read the next instalment in this adventure - fabulous fun.

    1. Many thanks - and I have to admit to is a welcome break from the grind of work!


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