Sunday, 10 August 2014

"The winner will be the one who controls chaos, both his own and the enemies". Napoleon Bonaparte

Despite the pounding headache no one else wanted the table and I really wanted to see the progress Kiraya had made on painting her army so it looked like tonight would be a Warhammer double header.

I will add commentary where I can but the game was a while ago now and I was still suffering the after affects of playing Shao gore so it will be brief at best.

Shame because it proved to be an epic ding dong.

Kiraya's Greater Demon makes a bee line for my Gryphs. I guess the plan is to get the wounds in and run them off the table while they are still so close to the table edge.

The secrets out boys, our card is marked

well the plan works a treat and off my Demigryphs run with the Greater Demon in hot pursuit.

Sod it but well played Kiraya

Right boys thats enough of this nonsense, we're off!

I figure I need to get as far away from the back table edge before the Greater Demon strolls back on so I charged my knights into the nearest unit.

Some sort of warp fire spell gets used by Chaos and mass confusion ensues.

I manage to charge the one unit which does not cast spells!

Some how I end up with the regeneration rule................ I have no idea!
Once again I figure I will hold the middle with my spears and gun the facing unit down to reduce its numbers.

In retrospect  I probably should have charged them in to stop the casting of more direct damage spells.

It all goes nuts on my right flank as the spears are engaged.

Fighting in 3 ranks and re rolling failed hits due to hatred works really well. If only I had had the sense to augment them with a spell.

Now my spearsa have the regeneration rule................. I still have no idea how
My hand gunners are taking a kicking but better them then one of my other units.

The combined fire of Hand gunners, out riders and Cannon (when it finally hits!) is taking its toll on the pink horrors.

I can't work out why Kiraya has not charged them in yet? MUCH later I work out its probably because she needs a unit free from combat to cast the direct damage spells.

"Whats this big book on the left? Could it be the manual to aim this bloody cannon?"
Finally the gunners have had enough and flee for the nearest table edge but I have obliterated the unit of horrors

The Greater Demon reappears and I turn my poor low born sons of the Empire to face it.

I really just want to use the unit to slow it down until my Knights finish off the unit they are engaged with and I can get my Outriders and Cannon into range.

I decide to augment the spears with "Orkams mind razor" to give them half a chance and figure they will get to reroll any missed hit thanks to hatred.

The Demon crashes in and rips my War Priest to pieces in a challange. This is probably the worst result for me as I will only be hitting on 5+ (with no hatred now).

Finally I get a lucky roll. four 6's hitting with strength 7 thanks to the augment.

My portion of luck for this week has finally been served!

Sigmar be praised, this could be the game changer!
This spells (pun intended) the end of the Greater Demon and hands me a narrow points victory!

There is very little left on the field of play and once again a very close battle between Kiraya and I.

We shake hands on a close fought battle and both decide we will start the game MUCH earlier next time!

Many thanks to Damon for staying open late to let the madness unfold.

Next time should we just play 75 points, it will look like this anyway!


1) I need to work out which units can cast spells and get them engaged in combat as soon as possible to stop the casting of the magic missile spells.

2) I am really glad I made a prompt sheet of my units stats, abilities (with reference to the correct page in the rule book), and special rules associated with the unit at it really saves time and allows me to concentrate on the flow of battle rather then flicking through several books to look up WS stats etc.

It really helped me concentrate on getting the job done at pivotal points in the game unlike poor Kiraya who had to constantly flick backwards and forwards through different books to check stats and abilities. It must of interrupted the flow of her thoughts and distracted her from the job in hand!

3) It looks like my Demigryphs have grown big bulls eyes on their chests and everyone it out to decimate them as soon as possible. It might be time to shield them with cheaper units or invest in a magic banner etc.

4) Even the lowest born son of the Empire can be a Demon slayer with the right augments cast. The casting of "Mind razor" on the unit spelt (pun intended) the end of the Greater Demon. I was lucky with my hit rolls but considering the nature of all my units ending up in melee I need to take a closer look at the Hexs and augments available to my wizards.


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