Friday, 15 August 2014

Skinhead's Bombardiers. Vulture warriors from dimension X

Stand to boyz

So here they are in all their glory..................... Skinheads Bombardiers.

The good news is I have really cracked on with my painting, the bad news is I have not finished off a single primary target!

The fact is I LOVE ORKS! so these lads were always going to get the lion share of my attention.

Skinhead da Boss

This group of cut throats are in preparation for a game I once read in White dwarf 112 and I am cracking through the mini's as quick as possible so I can finally get to play the game.

Some of these were originally fielded for my "Killing 3000" game as "The Rioteers" and I hope to dip into these figures as often as possible for skirmish style games in the future.


The game involves the firing of tons of heavy weapons in confined spaces so it can only be a blast (quite literally).



one of da Boyz

Da other Boy

I have LOVED painting these fellas and think GW have got these fellas spot on!

A buunch of these lot fielded with some Kromlech heads and bits would look the business!

Below are just more porn shots of the team.

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