Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hell hath no fury like Snake Eyes Skorned. Warmachine journeyman league

Once the dust had cleared from "The killing 3000" Mark and I decided to dip our toes into our new Warmahordes forces for the upcoming Journeyman league.

Inspired by Damon I have gone for a matt black colour scheme for my new forces

I have decided to go with Magnus (I already have a load of mercenary jacks and I can tie him in with my Skorne faction) while Mark has gone with Nagash and Skorne.

Once again Mark of the flaming heretic fame is first out the gate to have the majority of his forces painted. He frightened the life out of everyone when he seemed to make 70 odd painted goblins appear out of thin air for the tale of 4 gamers.

Mark runs his forces forward during the first turn while I decide to be a bit more cautious with my advance and cast as many spells as I can to make full use of Magnus' resourcefulness.

Turn two I open up with both Renegades and knock down the majority of Snakes Eyes forces to the ground and then open up with the second Renegade to damage the Warlock. I honestly thought Mark would pawn the damage off to one of his warbeasts and just saw this as a way to get round the high armour of his war beasts.

The battle of the over sized swords is on!

With Iron aggression on the Nomad it gos nuts and charges round the field hitting stuff with its bloody great sword. Kell (my sniper) is also proving his worth by plugging away at the warbeasts and sniping away at vital damage columns.

With both Marks' Brute and heavy warbeast killed I feel I am in a strong position to play the killing blow next turn so do not play my feat as planned. This proves to be a mistake as Mark plays some sort of "Sorscha" type blitz and ends up right in my grill.

Finally Snakes eyes gets some luck and two attacks cause 9 damage each and finishes Magnus off despite my camping on 4 focus to boost my armour..................... Bummer!

It was a pleasure to see Mark back on the scene and hopefully life will let him be more present in the future.


2) Read my opponents cards

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