Friday, 19 July 2019

Saturday night fights. Path to glory; Rocks and roll

For me one of the most prominent aspects of the fantasy trope is floating rocks. I don't know what it is but I just love them!

With that in mind I HAD to have a scenario with flying rocks!!

I spoke about this last week and Shaggy got the bit between his teeth and banged out all the rocks we needed. A brilliant contribution!!

So the scenario is set.

At the start of each turn you get to move D6 rocks, D6 inches. If your on a rock you get to steer it like a surf board. If the rock collides with anything, figures on the rock take an initiative roll. If this is failed the figure plummets to the ground!

The only way onto the rocks is via the buildings and jumping on.

The war bands eye each other up in the calm before the storm!

Turn one I surge forward and several of my warband climb buildings to get to the rocks.

And the rocks start to move!

My Marauders make the jump.

Shaggy's turn and he also takes to the roof tops!

My forces continue to surge forward.

My warbeasts bound forward and rip into the forces of Nurgle!

My marauders taunt the Nurglings on the tower but they refuse to risk the jump (NO pre-measuring).

Shaggy charges in and dispatches my Standard Bearer.

The rocks allow you to make 'diving charges' off the rocks like Mordheim. The rules for diving charges I lifted straight out of the Mordheim rule book.

Both my marauders managed to fail their initiative rolls and take themselves out of action!!

 The battle continues to rage under the rocks.

Shaggy's leader mounts a rock!

Unfortunately my casualties are rising and once again I fail my bottle test and Shaggy takes the victory.


  1. That looks like brilliant fun!

    1. It was a cracking couple of games thanks.

  2. Excellent idea, love the look, well done to Shaggy for getting the floaters together so quickly. Impressed :-)


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