Sunday, 12 May 2019

Painting tally for the year so far. A real mixed bag.

So somehow this year I have managed to paint / sell on over 90 miniatures.

Now at least a quarter of this is due to me giving Lano my Warmachine stuff as I think I have finally kicked that dirtiest of habits. But there has also been some painting.

There were those pigs that were the Shadespire Fyreslayers but there has been more . . . . .

First up the finished Spiteclaw's swarm.

'Jet' because he looks like he should be wearing a jet pack.

'Hamish' because something about him reminds me of a Scottish Highlander.

Hence why he got the Tartan

'Lurkio' because he tends to lurk at the back.

'Fester' because he was armed with poisoned weapons before he died.

And finally Spiteclaw.

Loved painting these and I can't believe these are my first ever Skaven!

Due to the need for reinforcements for Mordheim I bought the first of my 11 miniatures this year.

First up 'Klawfull' the Sorcerer.

The picture above reminds me of this from the original Alien movie . . . .

I tried to pose Klawful like he was firing off a spell.

Below is another of the handlers from the Rat Ogre set I bought.

He has not deserved a name yet.

And then I painted up one of the Rat Ogres that come with the set. The other went to a better home via Ebay.

And as always 'my pretties'.

Here is 'Marv' (recently deceased) with 'Son of Marv'.

And my 'Skitterkin' from the original box set of Mordheim. 20 years later they finally get to roam the streets of Mordheim!

Then as a change up between Skaven I painted up the set of Foundry 'Victorian Zombies' I bought at BOYL a couple of years ago.

Wee Willy Zombie got the OSL effect due to the candle.

Really pleased with how it turned out!

For some reason I also painted up two Minotaur's.

I also got to work out my colour scheme for the Farstriders from the Shadespire warband.

And finally the finished Magore's Fiends.

Magore himself. I think the whole 'stomach mouth' thing looks stupid so I just ignored it!

Certainly beats my grand total of NINE for last year. Looks like I've got my mojo back.


  1. What a cracking year to date and plenty of time to get some more done. ;)

    1. Thanks I did not realise how productive it had been at first.

  2. Wow, it's impressive to see them all! Cool job!

    1. Cheers. I'm nearly as productive as you this year. That space base your building looks brilliant.

  3. You have been busy mate! looking great!

    1. Surprised how much I have knocked out already this year.

  4. Awesome stuff, man! Magore's chaps are particularly nicely done - Good stuff!

    1. Thanks man. Now I need to paint as fast as you in order to finish the Nightvault warbands before the next version comes out.

  5. Fantastic stuff Riot, it can be quite surprising when you look back on all the miniatures you've painted in a year, lovely painting fella :-)

    1. Yer I keep a little tally chart in the front of my hobby book each year and I only just realised how much it came to.

      Hopefully I will at least double this by the end of the year.

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