Thursday, 28 February 2019

Final warm up fight for Riotville. 1800 points of WHF

Last Sunday Lee and I had our final warm up game for the upcoming extravaganza that is Riotville LIVE 2019

Lee's Bretonnians Vs my Ogres

The field is set

First turns Lees forces kneel to pray while my Ogres surge forward.

My Firebreather on a flying carpet (which just the thought of makes me smile) flies forward and blasts the archers with fireballs.

This causes the archers to flee.

Second turn my Stonehorn comes crashing in.

Lee and I were joking about the archers being told their stakes had been blessed by the Knights spitting on them.

"We're perfectly safe lads. This be magic wood!"

Yer . . . . . . The Knights lied and the Archers are stomped into the dirt!

Lee's turn and the Green Knight appears!!

And the Knights charge!!!!

SO much hatred in this photo!

The Green Knight rides forward and makes a stand in front of the Stonehorn!

In my turn I am having none of this and simply have my Stonehorn march around him.

My Firebreather flies over and opens up with both barrels via magic spells!

In the centre it all kicks off.

I even commit my Ironblaster to the fray.

The Weakened Green Knight charges my Yhtee's. Fortunately for me my Yhtees have an ability which gives them magical attacks.

This proves enough to finish off the Knight!

The swirling melee in the centre continues.

Then I get a little break.

Lee's men at arms cause my Ironblaster to flee, this has the Men at Atms over run into the combat with the Ironguts.

With absolute glee I have my Ironguts shift over so they can channel more attacks into the far inferior Men at Arms!

Good luck with that paper thin armour and no ward save!!

This allows me to absolutely decimate the Men at Arms and win the combat resolution.

The Knights are forced to take a moral check of double one.

The Knights are pulled down as they turn to flee.

The Green returns but it's the sixth turn and the tattered remains of Lee's forces concede the field.

Well that was an absolute 'Blood and Thunder' affair between two hard charging forces.

I am pleased with how my units fared and I seem to have most bases cover with regards to my army composition.

At 1800 points there will always be weaknesses to be exploited by my opponent and while my Meatbus could be a bit OP in melee if they make it there intact they are very susceptible to spells and massed fire!

Hopefully no-one rolls 'Dwellers below' on the day 😌

So giggly about Riotville LIVE on Sunday it's not even funny!!!!!!!!"


  1. Great game, I think I’m going to have to be wary about your ogres!
    I’m also super stoked for Sunday. It’s going to be great to finally meet people in the flesh and game with some new faces. I’m not sure of the exact format but I’ve ‘grudged’ Sedge from the EEFL forums for the first game �� (if that’s acceptable of course).

    1. Cheers man.

      My Ogres on the charges should cause anyone headaches but if they are neutralised I could be in trouble.

      There really is no format to Sunday, you approach someone and ask them if they want a game of little soldiers, that's it.

      FYI 'grudge' matches are always encouraged!

      This will be the third year of RiotvilleLIVE and there are a couple of ongoing feuds. It just adds colour to the event ;0)

  2. Great game, fun to read with two lovely looking armies. Smashing Riot and Lee :-)


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