Sunday, 3 February 2019

I think Khorne was having a lie in today. 1500 points of WHF 8th and some Shadespire

Finally got to meet up with Lee after what seems like ages.

We decided to have a game of WHF to get back up to speed with the game and if time allowed some Shadespire.

We decide on 1500 points to give us the time we need to get our teeth into a game but still leave some time at the end for other shenanigans.

1500 points of Ogres (me) and Chaos (Lee) are deployed.

A plan forms in my mind . . . . .

My Gnobblars and Ironguts will hold the breach between the statue and building . . . .

While my Sabre tusks will redirect Lee's faster moving units away from the action . . . . .

While my faster moving units will feint a sweep around before reforming to crash in on the Chaos forces in the centre baited by my isolated Ironguts . . . . . .

Let's see how this plan survives contact with the enemy?

Stage one goes to plan when the Gnobblars goad the Marauders into charging. Several marauders fall to the Gnobbler traps!

The rest of the chaos forces encircle the Ironguts.

The Marauders crash through the Gnobblers and into the Ironguts!

I activate stage two and reform my flanking forces to make a bee line for the centre!

The Ironguts chew through the Marauders . . . .

 .  . before the Chaos Warriors come crashing in . . . . . .

Desperate to tip the balance I unleash the breath weapon of the Dragonhide banner. It does JUST enough to tip the balance and Lee is making a moral check on a 9 . . . . .  Yep rolled a  . . . .

  . . . and Lee had decided not to take a BSB!!

My redirected flanking forces continue to race to the rescue.

I take a risk when I have my Mournfangs flee from the Chaos Chariot charge . . .

My lowly, solo Gnobbler rallies and faces down the Skullcrushers!


The Chaos Knights line up their charge next.

The Ironguts once again see off the Chaos forces as they attack piece meal into my Ironguts.

But then I make a mistake.

Trying to be clever I place my Sabre tusk behind the Knights to force them to flee further if they bolt.

Unfortunately this completely stifles my Ironguts from charging out and engaging other forces.

Immovable object meets irresistible force when Stonehorn and Gorebeast collide!!

Unfortunately the Gorebeast is more then a match for the Stonehorn at crashes through and on into my Mourngangs.

Once again my Gnobblers mistake themselves for Ironguts and face down the rampaging Skullcrushers ;0)

The Chariot is dispatched and only the Chaos Skullcrushers remain!

With all the remaining Ogre forces crashing in the end is nigh for the forces of Khorne.

A crushing defeat for the forces of Chaos.

I am really pleased witrh the way I played this game. For the most part I was fully focused and my positioning (apart from one exception) was on point.

Roll on RiotvilleLIVE 2019!!

With time to spare Lee pulls out his freshly painted Liberators for Shadespire.


The game is fast and furious with me deciding to play Reavers.

Despite surrounding isolated figures I fail to dispatch Angarad.

I had even started making some terrain of the blocked tiles.

In the end my Reavers are mob stomped into the ground!

Until only Garrek is left.

This sees Lee stomp me into the ground 18 glory to 2!!!

The irony is the only glory I scored was from 'Khorne cares not'.

How appropriate for the day ;0)


  1. Those Shadespire models are just brilliant!

  2. Marvellous. And certainly, Khorne cares not :D

    1. Yer, Khorne seems to be a bit of a git ;0)

  3. Great stuff Riot. I’ve dropped you a PM on the EEFL forum as I’ll be able to attend Riotville this year. Super stoked!

    1. Great stuff. Be great to meet you in person.


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