Saturday, 13 January 2018

Shadow Wars Armageddon: Kill team.

So this week I got 5 minutes to sit down and have a think about my Kill team for Shadow Wars.

Now I had a bit of a quandary because I have all this lot to pick from. . . . . .

Do I go with my Algae world garrison with the possibility of finishing up a couple more for the game or go for broke and try to get some of my Imperial guard finished?

Then I found these in the bottom of a box I had bought to contribute some scatter terrain to the game and I think my decision has been made. . . . .

I am going with this lot. . . .

In other news I finally made it down to HATE after work on Wednesday. Had a great time and one of the fellas was kind enough to let me use his stuff so I could play a 'pick up' game of shadespire.

It turned out they are having a Shadespire tourney this Sunday so I off to HATE again tomorrow!

Wish me luck ;0)


  1. Good Luck at HATE! So Going ORKS.... Hmm.... Does the call to Chaos lead me down the path of hearsay or are the cry's of wolves stronger?....

    1. . . . or is this a double bluff and I 'm going with the Inquisition???????

      And so the games begin!!

  2. Ooo I would love an inquisition warband I'm on the last book in the ravenor trilogy at the mo..

  3. Inquis are my list of choice, though without a single Stormbolter cos that's a pants choice for anything less strong than a spacemarine imo.

    You always seem to have so many figs to paint up!

    1. The kick in the nuts is I had just sold a load of forge world Inquisitor stuff just before we decided to do this!!!
      As to all the minis the grey tide seems endless!


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