Sunday, 17 April 2016

When Crossbolts and Catapults and Mordheim collide!

In a bid to beat the Salute, cold turkey, sweats I wanted to spend Saturday painting but the clouds rolled in and the light was kack for painting so my son and I had a particularly brutal game of Crossbows and Catapults instead!

I have a distinct memory of my poor Mum having to trawl every toy shop in Essex and East London to find me a set for Christmas when it first come out and I still have the bits stored away in my Mum's loft of hidden treasures!

The set we were using was a large set of the more modern re-boot that come out a few years ago and I found at a Bootsale last year for a song.

As the projectiles were flying across the room I kept drifting off, thinking about Salute. Then I picked a spare one of these up. . . . . .

Which comes apart into two pieces. . . . .

and they look about 28mm size!

I wonder . . . . . . ?

After the games (Which Troy won 5 - 3), I retired up stairs with the spare towers and broke out the coffee stirrers and bits.

A couple of hours later I ended up with this. . . . . .

"Open for business as usual"

The two smaller parts of the castle makes up the base.

"What an Estate Agent would call a 'fixer upper'!"

"Business, it's not what it used to be!"

I like my terrain to suggest a story, just like a good miniature, so I included some one squashed under a rock. Was he a victim of the devastation left to rot? Or a zombie victim of an ambush?

"Your Barred. You can't handle your grog!"
 I also included some kind of fountain at the back.

"You throw coins in the fountain, not piss in it! Where do you think this is Altdorf?"
Considering it is just the bits from the  C&C castle with coffee stirrers, cereal packets and bits from the bits box I am really pleased with how it turned out.

I also finished up the base for the card Tavern, included in the original Mordheim set, so should have that finished up for the next game.


  1. Now that's very clever, what a fabulous piece of scratch building.

    1. Thank you very much.

      It was fun(and cheap)to make but now I have just ended up with something else I have to paint!

  2. I need to get me a crossbows and catapults set, but only to play against my boy. I can't take on any more building or painting projects at all, I feel overwhelmed wih them all. Great execution on this tavern though, I love the little details and narratives you've added too.

    1. Crossbows and catapults is brill. The original stuff costs a bomb now but the re-boot stuff can still be picked up for acceptable money online. I have got to be honest it is the best £3 I have probably ever spent at a boot sale!

      I am on a real Mordheim trip at the moment and this is the first time I have ever been absorbed into a game but I am trying to stay focused on one (or two) bit(s) at a time. That is until the final list for BOYL comes out ;0)

  3. Smashing build, came together really well very impressed :-)

    1. Thanks man. It's amazing what you can get away with, with some coffee stirrers!

  4. Awesome job mate! Car boot seasons is due. I will have to keep my eye out for these type of buldings as you have proven they take spary paint well and with imagination can look great.

    1. When I had the shop I was 'booting' 5 times a week to find stuff for the shop.

      The best time for 28mm stuff is about September when Kids go off to Uni and Mum's decide to have 'a clear out' and have no idea of the value of the stuff they are selling ;0)


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