Saturday, 9 April 2016

Shortshank redemption pt.10. Street fighting man.

Crazy Joe could hear  the others complaining ahead of him and could not care less. Joe could not give a damn if the area this close to the East Gatehouse had probably been picked clean by hundreds of Warbands before them! 

They had not spent three weeks in the infirmary after going head to head with the Dwarf leader like he had! And look at the state of Crashart after their last foray. So what if he was called 'Crazy Joe', he only did it to make himself sound scary. Besides there is a big difference between being crazy and suicidal!


This game saw us roll up a 'Street fight' scenario.

The terrain is set as a winding street abutting the East Gatehouse. The objective is to get the most figures off the opposing table edge.

I REALLY do not fancy my chances as I only have to take three casualties to force the moral check, 'Crazy Joe' is only on leadership seven AND I have to engage with the enemy to get off the back table edge.

Kris rolls first turn and charges up the middle, while a couple of Thunderers occupy the watch tower. I cross my fingers and hope the Thunderers fail their rolls to climb up the side of the tower. . . . . No chance!

I decide to fight fire with fire and use a simular set up.

The Warbands charge towards each other down the narrow street.

Archie finally gets his eye in and hits the Dwarf Noble with a critical hit! THEN rolls a six on the critical hits table and THEN rolls two sixes for the injury roll taking the Dwarf noble out of action in the second turn.

I have had to wait a bloody age for Archie to roll anything but ones but it was worth the wait!

At this point two of my Henchmen fall to crossbow bolts. Kris moves to new firing positions and my Heros bunker down behind the gate house to catch their breath and reassess the new situation.

Kris is also on two casualties when I drop one of the Thunderers who exposed himself to take a shot BUT I still need to inflict another three casualties to force the Dwarven Moral check!

At this point I go to the Kitchen to put the kettle on and return to find the Dwarf Engineer and Pit fighter deep in conversation in a ruined town house.

"No mate after you. I insist!"

With no visible targets I am forced to move my Marksmen further up the street to aquire new targets.

"Where's everybody gone?"

I continue to inch myself forward and make full use of the cover of the Gate House but feel I might have to do some thing reckless to break the deadlock. The trouble is I can only afford one more casualty before I am making a moral check.

In this shot I can imagine Archie shouting "Come on out you little Bastards!".

With the noose tightening and perturbed by the accuracy of my Marksmen this game, Kris decides to declaire the game.

I have to be honest I did not try too hard to talk him out of it as I think it was about to get real painful for me within the next two turns.

Kris had a disaster in the post game rolls and lost his Dwarf Noble!

I lost one of my new Marksmen.

"Uh oh. That don't look good!"

"Bloody hell!" Crazy Joe thought to himself, I am going to have to watch myself with these lads! He could not believe what great shots the lads had become while he had been out of action.

He had only told the lads to fire a volley at the Dwarves as a token gesture of defiance before he would have ordered them to slink off the back table edge. 

Instead they had skewered the Dwarf Noble like a pig and dropped another Dwarf as it bolted for the cover of a ladder. The suddern death of their leader had visably shaken the Dwarves and they had legged it soon after!

Now they were gathered inside an adandoned tavern they had discovered and Crazy Joe did not like the way the lads were fiddling with their crossbow triggers since his suggestion they don't drink the barrels but sell them instead.

Bollorks! Crazy Joe thought to himself, let them have their drink, it's not worth ending up looking like a dart board over!
The map as it currently stands.


  1. Well that was a good result, ballistics can be very surprising sometimes, just when you decide they're hardly worth taking they go and floor your opponent. Shame about the Noble though.

    1. It was a blinding result. I honestly think it broke Kris a bit and made him much more likely to throw in the towel.

      As for the Noble, there is a plot twist coming!

  2. Sweet report! I'm liking the progress map as well. ;)

    1. Thanks man. The map really helps us keep track of whats going on and it reminds me a bit of 'Total War' which is always a good thing ;0)


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