Thursday, 17 March 2016

School Enrichment. Gorka Morka. Game 4. Scrap it out!

This weeks session saw the Students trying to capture as many scrap markers as possible. The warband capturing the most scrap markers being able to repair their space shuttle for the last game of the campaign next week.

The shuttle wreckage terrain are the scrap markers.

The Morkers showed their cunning by having their 'Big shooter' blast away in the middle of the field while they ganged up on the spread out Gorkers and mob, stomped them out of the game one by one.

By the time the Gorkers realised what was happening they had already taken too many casualties to lauch an effective counter strike.

Once again the Morkers carry the field and will have an advantage for the last game of the campaign next week . . . . 'Get to the Chopper!'


  1. Another great session, really looking forward to the final showdown.

    1. trouble is none of the kids will get my screaming out "get to da chopper" in a Austrian accent.

      Bloody kids!


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