Monday, 7 March 2016

Combating my 28mm ADHD

Normally I'm pretty good at sticking to a project, as my completed forces below testify and I generally outlast my fellow gamers when we all sign up for something (we are NOT going to mention my Inquisimunda campaign or my Bloodbowl Stadium!).

Space Marine Demi Company

Orc Bloodbowl team

The Gentlemen of the Realm

4 point SAGA Viking army

4 point SAGA Norman army

Gostello's Intergalactic Psycho Circus

Mordheim Dwarf treasure hunters

Mordheim Reikland Warband

Warmachine High Born 20 point Army

Warhammer Fantasy 1000 point army
Even in my fighting days I found I could happily work on my fundamentals like foot-work and basic techniques far longer then my fellow fighters and enjoyed the application of these basic techniques during a competative bout. Of course I would rather be knocking guys out with Bruce Lee, Ninja-Monkey, Chuck Norris, flying Superman, spinning, triple axe kicks; but I was never one of those fighters.

Below are a couple of my old fights. I am the fella in the tank top. . . . .

I LIKE crossing off lists, I find the completion of (even mundane) tasks rewarding!

So whats this post all about I hear you ask (probably not). . . . . . 

I think I have caught 28mm ADHD!

I LOVE all the blogs I follow but I REALLY enjoy bloggers like 7th Mordian and Goblin Lee etc who bang out completed army after army to a consistant level.

There are bloggers who probably paint single figures to a higher level (and are all brilliant to follow) but even reading the completed army posts is extremly satisfying.

I guess that is why I enjoyed BOYL so much, it was seeing ALL those madcap projects brought to fruition in one place.

The last couple of weeks has seen me struggling to finish anything, with far too many miniatures on the painting shelf. To add to the misery I sit at the painting table and find myself procrastinating about whether to paint or finish a piece of terrain or start building another one or start building a Witch Hunter warband or pick up a Warmachine solo or dab paint at one of several undercoated miniatures or start a kit bash or bang my head against the desk!

I have ONE miniature to complete to finish my brothers Dwarves, I have ONE miniature to complete to finish my second unit of Knights for WHF, I have 4 NPC miniatures to finish for 'The Battle of the Bulge', skirmish, for Mordheim and what do I find myself doing. . . . . .
opening the doors of the  'cupboard of doom' and thinking of starting another project.

Part of the reason could be there is nothing 'big' going on at the moment within my gaming circles and nothing concrete has been set for BOYL but the real frustration seems to be not the lack of Mojo but ironically having too much Mojo and wanting to see every project finished immediately.


  1. I think I may have the same problem, but what a great post and a treat to see all your different projects in one place.

    1. Thanks.

      You really seem to bang out the projects! for the analogue challange

  2. Loving those Bloodbowl teams and Mordheim Dwarves, man! Beautiful stuff all around!

    I feel ya on the Hobby ADHD front, I find that if I have too many projects going at once or too many unpainted models it starts to get overwhelming and my productivity drops off. These days I really endeavour to only have two or maybe three projects going at once with just a unit or two built and on deck at a time (with the rest in boxes and out of sight/out of mind), and use finishing a given unit/model as an incentive to reward myself with some build time (the part of the hobby that I most enjoy). Having a pile of unpainted-but-assembled models looming is a big demotivator for me personally and I get the whole "Oh lord I'll NEVER finish all of that" blues.

    On the other side of the coin, I do try to have a couple different projects going at once so if I get totally sick of painting one color scheme or type of model I can switch gears and work on something different for a bit - helps keep up the enthusiasm level when interest in a given project begins to flag.

    Keep up the great work, my man, and thanks for the shout out - I appreciate the kind words!

    1. Thanks for the advice.

      I do try to have a variety of projects on the go (especially through the block colouring stages) but once a mini is block coloured and ink washed I usually fly through the final stages. For some reason that is not happening this time.

      As for the kind words about your blog - they are all richly deserved.

  3. Mate I love the fact you get your minis painted and finished.
    I for one understand what your saying I seem to get caught up in moving to one project to another just look at my blog for examples.
    One thing I am happy with is that I finished all my frostgrave minis now and it is satisfying finishing a project.Maybe as you said your not in the mood wait till you get some inspiration have a look at some youtube channels or if you can get to the legion for the mordheim.

    I still have my warmachine and deadzone stuff to do but now I am starting fantsay which prob be starting with dwarfs I have that to paint as well.
    I think I need to focus on a unit at a time or one game but with so many I have to be carful not to spread out to much..

    1. Like yourself I really savour that feeling of completing a project. The trouble with youtube etc is I find it just makes me worse at the moment as I see a really cool something in the background of a video and want to make my own version of it.

      I want to finish something!!!!

  4. Well Riot, very impressed, not talking modelling here. Watched your Eskrima/JKD video's, When I was in my early 40's I trained with John Hawskley and Pat O'malley out in Leeds. I still have all my armour and loads of battered sticks, thanks for reminding me of some great times :-)

    1. John is a top bloke and a very good instructor. As for the other bloke . . . .

      Escrima is one of those arts which can offer something to everyone.

    2. He is a great bloke taught me loads, knew where you stood with John, lucky enough to train with him in a very small group in a scout hut for about 3 years, learnt loads. Good friend.
      Pat not so much.

    3. That is the general consensus.


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