Saturday, 12 September 2015

Dr. Gostellos new exhibit. Brother Herq the strong man.

'Oceans filled with tears. Shed by the angels weeping. For souls fell in war'

Brother Herq had always been the sensitive type, fully embracing the majesty of the tea ceremony as much as the hours of practise with the power sword.

He knew the other initiates sniggered at him behind his back because of his love of composing Haiku poetry, but none dare insult him to his face because of his proficiency with the blade.

Of course the Star Warriors had come to the temple. Of course he had been selected. Of course he had hated every second of it!

The shouting, the intolerence, the refusal to be reasonable. His Sensei had taught him to "be like water, to flow and adapt". The Marines had taught him to be like a ceramite block. To be inflexible, to smash and to destroy!
"No one will recognise me with this amazing disguise!"

Thankfully the psycho-conditioning soon kicked in and eradicated any vestige of his former sensitivities.

That was until the 'battle of the deep caverns'. Brother Herq had volunteered to hold back the Ork horde so his Battle kin could escape from the botched mission. The truth was he wanted to die. He wanted to end the misery!

The cave-in had knocked him unconscious and killed his pursuers. Brother Herq had only been saved from being crushed by his power armour. Somehow the blow to the head had returned him to his former condition.

He escaped from the canyon, stripped from his power armour and never looked back.

Here he is not looking back.

The trek through the 'Radlands' would have killed a lesser man but Herq was no 'lesser man'. He was picked up by Dr. Gostello several weeks later. Gostello recognised his potential immediately and recruited him as the circus strong man.

If Dr. Gostello has any inkling of Herq's previous occupation he's not letting on!

So here he is finally finished, Herq the Strong man.

I figured the singlet was the space Marines 'Black carapace', so really this fella is naked (?)!

I just stuck a dodgy big mustache on his face using some green stuff. Not the best disguise but it matches my silly mood at the moment.

Gave him some Nunchucks to fit in with the oriental vibe I gave his back story. Nunchicks were always considered 'peasant' weapons so also fitted in with his fall in status.

Over all happy with the overall feel of the conversion.

Now just need to order a 'Wolfman'. . . . Or maybe Dumbo next. . . . . or the 'Human cannon', heavy artillery!

I have also moved on another 14 miniatures on ebay.
The first of my commissions should be ready for collection tomorrow, so now the numbers,
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 181
Miniatures bought this year =37

484 miniatures to go!


  1. Very cool dude! Love the vaudeville moustache.

    1. Many thanks. I tried a 'regular' sized tache, but it just seemed to look better the bigger it got!

  2. Excellent back story, a good read, made me smile. Look forward to seeing the whole circus troupe in a game.

    1. Thanks. There are supposed to be a million Space Marines. I'm just not convinced everyone who is picked wants to be one!

  3. Dumbo! Dumbo!! Dumbo!!!
    In case you tell I think you should do Dumbo next, and I have something that might help.

    1. ohhh .. . . . . you have my interest!

  4. Replies
    1. Cool. Your a star!

      Eh I mean. . . . BURN YOU SPEAKER OF HERESY!!!!!!!!


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