Sunday, 2 August 2015

Glue, lava jumps and cheating! Wacky Races at BOYL 15

Was up bright and early this morning to drive down to the Foundry in order to have a mooch around BOYL 15.

With the roads to myself at 6:30 in the morning, I had a little bit of a warm up for Death Race 40,000, and made the drive in less time then suggested by my Sat Nav.

While having a look around I had a word with Captain Crook and was told a place was mine if there was a no show, so fingers crossed!

The course is set up, and what a race course!

The grid is set and. . . . . .

YEP thats my Keels on wheels in the line up. I made the starting grid with seconds to spare!

The race is started and the flag waver is run over in short order!

and their off.

until the first corner and then carnage ensues (pun intended!)

unable to clear the Kill Dozer I rear end the Squats and send the Dozer spinning.

The race leaders continue to kick lumps out of each other. . .

and the crowd goes wild!

My Rioteers and the Redback continue to battle at the back.

but we're heading for a bit of a road block due to Grots with glue and German's with  Harpoon guns (don't ask)!

 The main pack head towards the chaos. . . . some of us are even going in the right direction!

I ram several cars in order to make way. The triceratops skull proves it's worth.

To everyones delight (except J.B.'s) the Chaos Hoovercraft fails to make the lava jump.

and so do I. . . . . BOLLORKS!!!

The survivors continue to tear up the track. . .

Having finally cleared the lava jump with tyres barely intact I decide to open up with full DAKKA DAKKA with my machine guns in the pit lane. It seemed like the thing to do!

Unfortunately my time was up and I had to start the drive home, as far as I know the rest might still be racing as the shernanigans going on was mental!

Have to say thanks to Capt Crook for organising the whole race and letting me take part at the last minute, Erny and Colin (and possibly others) for making the track and George of Oakbound games for the lovely free Tuskan Ravers!!!

The creative verve on display was amazing and really gave me a kick up the arse (creatively). Check this lot out!!!!

Thanks to everyone at BOYL for being so welcoming and not spitting on me when I put some modern plastic stuff on the table!


  1. Great to meet you and share the fun of the Deathrace, it was a real blast. Unfortunately I had to leave soon after you (when my car lost it's wheels on a ramp) so I don't know the outcome either!

    1. great to meet you and your stuff looked the business!!!!

      Do you think their still going?

  2. It all looked amazing. In the end James (Captain Crooks) won.

    1. So there was a winner! Glad he won as he had come a bleeding long way to play.

  3. I had half a kap to run with noone in front if le to win the Game... Until I got shot by Colin's driver on foot.
    This Game was a brick of fun and I'm really glad it was the occasion to meet You and others I hadn't played with !

    1. You will have to get your revenge next year.

      It was nice to finally meet you and put a face to your excellent blog.


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