Thursday, 25 June 2015

Warmachine: The Devil Dogs. Jack Wrecking crew. 25 point Highborn Covenant list

Upset the Devil and you'll get her horns!

Another unit finally finished after a year of faffing about and being distracted by other projects. This is the unit I usually reach for to attach to my 20 point force, when playing 25 point games with the Highborn Covenant against Warjack or Warbeast heavy armies.

After my initial successes with this unit I found them being left in the box more and more often as other units took prominence.

It's only recently they have made a resurgence due to the prevalence of high armour, multi box, models in my opponents armies. With various buffs and shernanigans going on, armour 22 opponents seem to be the norm now!

I have painted this lot to look like the A-Team of the Iron Kingdoms.

"If you have a high armour problem . . . If no one else can help, maybe you can hire the D-Team!
DA DA DA . . . . DA DA DA etc.

I honestly have no idea why I painted Sam with the skull face paint! It originally started out as a pale skin tone and just sort of ended up like this. Personally I like it.

I tried to make the rest of the team look like a motley collection from the four corners of the Iron Kingdoms, drawn to the professional mercenary company by the promise of coin.

This one was inspired by Wally due to his hat.

This fella ended up looking like Jeff bridges from Iron Man.

and this bloke I just wanted to look a bit Indian sub-continent looking.

Bill and Ben caused some problems. Especially Bill as he's just boring!

See, even he looks bored!!!!
Normally flicking through the Privateer press source books provides some inspiration, but with Bill even in the source books he is a non-entity. I was staring at the finished model, racking my brains, when this fella from the Bond film 'Live and Let Die!' popped into my head . . . .


Ben looks ok. The foundation paints have done it again and look better in the photos then they do in reality!

Tactics wise I just try to line them up opposite a high armour opponent and have them go at it. Sam is a Jack marshal and if I do not field a GM captain, she will normally take control of a Jack. Her drive 'pronto' can prove useful as I can drive the Mule forward 5" and then activate the Mule, use steam power to gain the range buff and aiming bonus.

If Sam dies another member of the unit becomes the marshal which can be useful. The Dogs have 'Trash' which grants them another die of damage against knocked down targets (that's four on the charge!). This is especially useful in an army full of knock down potential via Mules and Gun Mages.

Before we crunch the numbers I have had a proper count up and it's appears my lead mountain is far worse then expected . . . . .

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 108
Miniatures bought this year = 18

539 miniatures to go!

Painting is going to slow for a while as I am slugging through some god awful Cygnar long gunners! These have got to be the worst casts I have experienced since those tragic Willy minitures!

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